[REPORT] Clubhouse conversation by Onboarding DAO

Hello NEAR Fam,

In November we had Clubhouse conversation around music on the NEAR Protocol as Onboarding DAO.
The conversation was held on Sunday, 28th of November at 1 PM EST.
As you can see on the second screen about 96 people came through the room, while 20 remained active. During the conversation we were speaking about upcoming events of the NxM DAO, Beat DAO, NEAR latest updates, NxM artists etc. We have also received some interesting questions, regarding NEAR expansion or about the process of building new music ecosystem on NEAR. Hosts have covered all the questions from the audience successfully.

We are looking forward to continuing the Clubhouse conversation once per month in which we discuss NEAR’s Guilds, DAOs and communities.
Such conversations are helping with recognition of the NEAR Protocol and other DAOs to larger audience.

Payout: $100 / 12N (to be shared by the hosts: @vandal @Symbolik @NatalieCrue @steven @Paul)
Target: crans.near (funds will be distributed accordingly to above details)


Thanks for your efforts in this @Paul . You are a champ!

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