[REPORT] August 2023 Onboarding Campaign by DigitalFashion Dao in collaboration with FESTAFRQ

On the 26th of August 2023 we collaborated with FESTAFRQ NIGERIA in an onboarding campaign, Festafrq Nigeria is an organization base in Nigeria that organize fashion festival and other Fashion activities. They have a community of fashion designers and creatives. We onboarding over 20 creatives in the fashion industry into Near Ecosystem and 20 Wallets were created.

All the the token used in creating the wallets both the customized wallets were transferred from my personal wallet styleherbalist.near.

In regards to our OBJECTIVES in organizing the campaign which is to increase our onchain data and members. Our onchain members has increased from 8 to 16 and more are yet to propose to be added as a member of DigitalFashion DAO on Astrodao DApp.

Cc. @Paul @kc_sollano @williamx @Cryptonaut