[Closed] Near DigitalFashion Dao Funding Request For September and October 2023



DAO introduction
Near Digital Fashion Dao is a community of fashion designers and craft makers in Web3 Ecosystem collaborating with each other to develop digital arts and fashion crafts as a wearable NFTs and as well educating other Fashion designers and craft makers who are still operating in web2 the need and benefits of switching to Web3 in this digital art revolution and onboarding them into Near Ecosystem.

More about our Introduction post is on this link

August Event Report [REPORT] August 2023 Onboarding Campaign by DigitalFashion Dao in collaboration with FESTAFRQ


Our purpose is creating a collaborative environment where digital fashion designers, NFT artists and craft makers in Web3 will work hand in hand in educating, devoloping and sensitizing each other in innovative ways and as a result creating digital fashion arts and crafts as wearable NFTs and as well promoting and expanding the Near Ecosystem.

  • Why my team is the best for the funds:
    My team are experts in their verious field and specializations.

The Style Herbalist ( @styleherbalist ):
Ojukwu Johnson as known as THE STYLE HERBALIST is co-founder of Near DigitalFashion Dao, a web3 fashion designer and a fashion stylist
https://twitter.com/Style_herbalist?t=s54tiQzfI8TRr2q0F2FFzw&s=09 a professional Digital fashion illustrator and an event promoter, he has been into the industry since 2012, He is the creative director of a fashion brand based in Abuja, Nigeria.
Ojukwu Johnson has been building in Near Ecosystem since may 2022 and has been collaborating with other creatives and DAOs to activate the presence of Fashion in Near Ecosystem and in few months here in Near Community, he has been an active member and have onboarded nothing less than 20 creatives…
Ojukwu Johnson | Near Social

Mr Pallo ( @Pallo ):
Pallo Anthony https://twitter.com/pallojnr?t=aeJZr1w75_QSChl4LzF2xQ&s=09 A Graphic Designer, 3D Modeling expert and Brand Identity Designer. He is the Creative Designer at ROOTED EMPIRE, an agency that helps bring visibility to others and passing the right information through Graphics, Printing and Branding.
He has hosted a fashion event with his team, theme ANKARA CONCERT and it was aimed at showcasing the beauty of fashion and also creating a connection between fashion designers his city. it was a success and our aim was achieved. He is the Co-founder of Near DigitalFashion Dao and has been building in Near Ecosystem since 2022.

HadeeArt ( @Hadeeart ):
Idiat Shiole popularly know as Hadeeart https://twitter.com/hadeeart?t=GkdhlZbJ3Gn-_4XORvu4xg&s=09 is the founder of Thehacedor and Hadeeart Atelier, she is an Afro-futuristic virtual fashion designer and XR advocate.

She is passionate about art and technology within the fashion and game industry. Hadeeart believes that the fashion industry needs to follow the new normal, as such is creating a sustainable digital fashion movement that the present fashion industry can see as a new and more conscious way of consuming fashion.

As a creator, she simply follows her curiosity by combining unusual sources of inspiration that naturally grow into more advanced & distinctive concepts. she loves to transform, translate and transfer skills in different digital software to uplift herself with new art forms.

Welcome to her reality, the intersection between Technology, Fashion and Games.

Victor Dimgba ( @Spensx ):

Victor Dimgba is a highly skilled and creative graphics designer with over half a decade of experience in the industry. Specializing in all Niche of Graphics Design (Brand Identity, Event Branding, UI/UX etc.) https://instagram.com/design.by.dimgba?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== Victor has a keen eye for detail and a passion for bringing brands to life through visually stunning designs. With a portfolio showcasing a diverse range of projects, from Product designs to Brand identity designs.
Victor has a proven track record of delivering high-quality work that exceeds clients’ expectations. In addition to design expertise, Victor is also skilled in diverse Industry base programs such as; Adobe Suite, Figma, etc. making them a valuable asset to any design team. Whether working on print or digital projects, Victor is dedicated to producing visually impactful designs that communicate a clear message and leave a lasting impression.

Beatrice Luna ( @Beatrice ):

Beatrice Luna is professional body art artist, a Digital art enthusiast, who also does digital marketing as a side hustle, she has been in this Ecosystem since September 2022 and has been active and as well contributing to the Ecosystem.

  • Achievement information about the DAO

Near DigitalFashion Dao has been funded only once by NF and has executed only one project which was on September 2022 before there was a pause on funding. Despite all the challenges and set back in the past few months in the Ecosystem, our Dao has strive to remain focus on it vision and purpose as the only Dao that has been directing it efforts and funding to activate the presence of Fashion in Near Ecosystem.

September 2022 happens to be first time we executed a project as a new Dao after been approved by the moderators, on that course we started on a good note by organizing Digital Fashion Workshop and masterclass, introduce our Dao and build our own community in Near Ecosystem. We onboarded 10 creatives who had little or no knowledge about web3 or Near Protocol, we sensitize them and taught them the digital tools/softwares they need to know in order to practice digital fashion, we as well guide them through how they can maximize the Near Ecosystem and it DApps like Mintbase where they can mint their designs as wearable NFTs.

As a result of the workshop, 10 participants who attended the 2 days workshop were able to design 1 digital fashion art on their own. This 10 designs in total which has been minted mintbase store.

As a growing Dao that has been working very hard to build it community in Near Ecosystem, our social media community in all platforms has increased from 250 to 422+ and has onboarded over 50+ new NEARians.

  • Content and Social media stats:

Our DAO has only hosted one event, sponsored by NEAR foundation. In the course of the event, we have 220 new followers on all platforms, 4 videos on YouTube, 10 wearable NFTs which was minted on our mintbase store and as of date we have:-

  • 14 wearable NFTs
  • logo bounty that engaged over 17 community members
  • 9 Near social followers
  • 150 - 171 Instagram followers
  • 63 - 81 followers on Twitter
  • 16 - 40 Facebook followers
  • 74 - 82 members on Telegram
  • 6 - 23 YouTube Subscribers with about 80 views
  • 8 - 20 On-chain members on Astro DAO, 4 Council Members with over 80 Votes Casted on Astro.

Near DigitalFashion Dao linktree link​:point_down:

  • Genre - What category does your DAO fall under
  1. Art :white_check_mark:
  2. Fashion :white_check_mark:
  • Impact

Near DigitalFashion Dao main goal is creating a collaborative environment in Near Ecosystem where digital fashion designers, NFT artists and craft makers in Web3 will work hand in hand in educating, devoloping and sensitizing each other. Since the creation of the DAO we have onboarded more than 50 New NEARians and educate them on the advantage of Web3, Crypto and why they should operate under the NEAR Ecosystem.

On 26th of August 2023 we organize a non funded onboarding campaign in collaboration with FESTAFRQ, and we end up onboarding over 20 New NEARians and active Wallets. We will continue to onboard a great number of people and move them from web2 Creatives to Web3 Creatives.

Fashion and it industry is our main focus, hosting Web3 fashion events and activities and creating self sustainibilty platforms for digital fashion designers and NFT artists to make money for themselves through engaging them on activities that will challenge them to improve on their crafts.

Our dao will be hosting our first ever metaverse event in Nearhub. We will be hosting Near Fashion Week in Nearhub in collaboration with Nearhub team and as well real life fashion events to draw the attention of web2 fashion designers to Near Community.

  • 3 Quarters Roadmap 2023/2024

In the quest to activate the presence of Fashion in Near Ecosystem and as well achieve our goals and targets with the new Guidelines of CDAO.

Building a very large and creative digital fashion community with Near active Wallets in Near Ecosystem is our focus. Staging a marketable activities that will help sell our community members NFTs through Nearhub, Mintbase and Paras. And Hosting real life fashion shows that will enable our Dao self sustainability though IRL crypto event ticketing.

First Quarter

For the purpose of transparency, immutability, and decentralized record-keeping, for managing and operating a Dao as an LLC. Near DigitalFashion DAO Will be creating a Digital smart contract with https://otoco.io/ for LLC legal wrapper.

we will be working towards growing our community, in so doing staging a heavy online campaign for digital fashion designers and NFT artists, encouraging them and guiding them on the reasons they should start building on Near Ecosystem. We will not just preach the gospel of Near to them, we will as well engage them with our community boundies that they will be minting on verious Near DApps and supporting them with grants. This will as well be of benefit to the internal and external communities in Near Ecosystem.

Web2 fashion designers and creatives will not be left out. Digitalfashion Dao will be hosting what we call ‘NEAR FASHION WEEKEND’. Is a real life event that will encourage our Dao self sustainability though IRL crypto event ticketing. Participants/ attendees of “NEAR FASHION WEEKEND” collecting our NFTs as tickets will encourage more active Near Wallets and wallet activation, as well increase our Dao on-chain data.

Second Quarter

Building an active community is one of our focus. In so doing in this quarter we focus on impacting more technical and Web3 knowledge to newly onboarded members of our community by organizing a workshop and masterclass in that effect.

In the quest to engage most of our Dao activities on Near DApps. We will start the process and preparation to experiment “NEAR FASHION WEEKEND” on metaverse by getting a virtual showcasing space on Nearhub. And engaging digital fashion designers in our community to participate and as well engaging them with bounties and grants to support their skills and Digital crafts.

We will continue staging a massive online campaign that will be in the direction of onboarding digital fashion designers and NFTs artists in Near Ecosystem and creating active creating Near Wallets for new NEARians.

Third Quarter

In this quarter we be hosting the second edition of the real life event of “NEAR FASHION WEEKEND” this will encourage the continues growth of our community in the direction of:

  • New NEARians.
  • Near Wallets activations.
  • Increase on our Dao On-chain data.

We will as well continue engaging our community members with bounties That involve tasks that will improve their technical knowledge and skills in Digital Fashion and Web3 which they will be minting on verious Near DApps and will be of benefit to the internal and external communities of Near Ecosystem.

Also in this quarter there will be massive online publicity growth in all our Social Media pages, as we will be gaining nothing less than 10,000 followers all across our Social Media platforms.

  • DAO’s Milestones for proposal

Milestones for Legal Wrapper:

  • Creating a Digital smart contract with http://otoco.io/
  • Decentralized record-keeping.

Milestones for Digital Fashion NFT Campaign:

  • Create and minting 10 NFTs in four weeks of the campaign.
  • Hosting a weekly Twitter space and inviting digital fashion creators on Twitter.
  • Creating a publicity channels and materials to draw online traffic that will enable digital fashion designers and artists join our Twitter space and community calls.
  • Hosting community calls on telegram and Discord.

Milestones on “NEAR FASHION WEEKEND” Real life Edition stream on Nearhub and YouTube:

  • Putting up publicity Materials for the forthcoming event.
  • A Call for web2 Showcasing fashion designer.
  • Near Wallet activation for the selected showcasing designers
  • A $100 grant each will be allocated to five best designers after the event.
  • Minimum of 30 NFTs that will be mint on our Dao Mintbase Store.
  • A minimum of 15 audience on Nearhub during the streaming.


Project 1:

Legal Wrapper for DigitalFashion Dao


For the purpose of transparency, immutability, and decentralized record-keeping, for managing and operating our Dao as an LLC. Near DigitalFashion DAO Will be creating a Digital smart contract with https://otoco.io/ for LLC legal wrapper.

Expected Outcome:

  • Registration all on the Blockchain
  • Secured and personalized Identity
  • Legal Wrapper

Activities & Timelines

29th of September- Filling up the form and completing the registration


Registration - $100


Targeted wallet :- pallojnr.near

Project 2:

** Digital Fashion NFT Campaign**


We be launching an online Digital Fashion NFT campaign to create awareness and engage all the digital fashion designers and NFT artists on Twitter, Discord and other platforms where digital fashion designers and NFT artists are engaging. We will engage them with web3 discussions and bounties to encourage them create more digital fashion NFTs that they will mint on our mintbase store. And as well do some social media ads and commercialization to market their NFTs to potential collectors.

Expected Outcome:

  • 10 digital fashion NFTs will be minted on our mintbase store by different artists/designers.
  • 10+ onboarded New NEARians
  • 10+ new Wallets will be created through this campaign.

Activities & timelines:

*Digital Fashion NFT campaigns will last for 4 weeks.

  • Hosting Twitter Space once every week and inviting speakers who are already building on Near DApps as Digital Fashion designers.

  • Hosting community calls on telegram and Discord.

  • Creating a publicity channels and materials to draw online traffic that will enable digital fashion designers and artists join our Twitter space and community calls.

  • Digital Fashion Bounty to engage community members and create NFTs.


  • Creating NFTs
  • Near Wallets Activation
  • Twitter Space and community call
  • social media ads and marketing
  • Bounty

DURATION: The Month October

Budget Breakdown:

  • Community calls and Twitter space: $50
  • Social media ads/marketing: $100.
  • Infographics: $50
  • Near Wallets activation: $50
  • bounty: $250 for five best designers($50 each)

Total Budget: $500

Targeted Wallet:- ispensx.near

Project 3:

NEAR FASHION WEEKEND on Nearhub and YouTube


There are a lots of creatives and fashion designers who are so skeptical about web3 and it Ecosystem and the only way you expose them to Web3 Ecosystem is by engaging them in web2 activities that featured web3 activities like streaming Near Fashion Weekend on Nearhub. NEAR FASHION WEEKEND is a real life event that will encourage our Dao self sustainability through IRL crypto event ticketing, streaming on YouTube and on Nearhub. Participants/attendees of “NEAR FASHION WEEKEND” collecting our Dao NFTs as tickets to the event. This will encourage more active Near Wallets and wallet activation, as well increase our Dao on-chain data. Wallet activation and grants will be given to five best showcasing designers who be showcasing their collections to support their crafts and skills.

Expected Outcome:

  • one metaverse screening
  • Pictures of the showcasing designer collection will be minted as NFTs on our mintbase store.
  • Full coverage and thriller of the event will be streamed and uploaded on our YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook respectively.
  • A minimum of 30 NFT tickets will be collected by attendees/participants.
  • 20 new wallet activation.
  • 5 Designers will be given grants after the event.

Activities & Timelines

  • 7th October: Model Casting
  • 14th October: MAIN EVENT
  • 21st October: pictures are ready for minting and full video coverage of the Near Fashion Weekend will be summit to Nearhub team to be premiere and engage our community to go and stream on Nearhub.

Budget breakdown:

Venue : $200

Light, Stage set up and Sound: $400

10 Model Bounty : $30 each = $300

5 designers grant : $100 each = $500

Make up artist : $100

Photography and video coverage: $300

Graphics and publicity material: $100

Event production manager: $100

Total budget : $2000

Targeted Wallet:- styleherbalist.near

N.B: The selected showcasing designer, models will claim their grants and bounties on Astro Dao.

Dao Council work : $100 for each of the four council members = $400

Note: We channeled most of the budgeted amount on activities that will help build our community. So councils member will earn little on this funding Round.

Total Budget : $3000

  • What is the goal of the DAO’s objective?

Empowering creators: Near DigitalFashion DAO aim to empower fashion creators by providing them with a decentralized platform to showcase their designs, collaborate with other creators, and receive fair compensation for their works. Our DAO is prioritizing supporting emerging designers, promoting diversity, and fostering innovation in the fashion industry.

Engaging our Community members on Near DApps marketplaces: Our DAO aim to engage our community members on Near decentralized marketplace for their digital fashion assets and NFTs. This DApps can facilitate the buying, selling, and trading of unique digital fashion items, allowing creators and collectors to engage in a transparent and secure ecosystem.

Innovation and technology adoption: Near Digitalfashion Dao aims to encourage the adoption of emerging technologies within the fashion industry. Which includes exploring the use of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), 3D modeling, and other technologies to enhance the digital fashion experience and push the boundaries of creativity.

Education and awareness: our DAO will be prioritizing educational and awareness efforts to inform the wider public about digital fashion, Near Protocol, Web3 Ecosystem and their potential impact on the fashion industry. Which we intend to achieve by organizing workshops, webinars, and educational campaigns to foster understanding and engagement.

  • Roadmap to reach our goals

Organizing NEAR FASHION WEEKEND every Funding round, as a real life event or on the metaverse. This event will empower our web2 and Web3 community members through the grants and bounties that comes with participating in the event. And decentralized avenue to showcase their designs and Digital skills.

IRL NFTs/crypto event ticketing is strategy in the direction of our Dao self sustainability, engagement of both external community and our community members to Near DApps and as well building our on-chain data. Engaging our community members with activities that will encourage them to keep creating incredible designs as digital fashion assets and minting them on Near DApps which will facilitate the buying, selling and trading of their digital fashion assets.

Putting together a Digital Fashion workshops to impact technical and emerging innovations within the fashion industry and Web3 Ecosystem. Like 3D modeling and the use of other digital fashion software. Also a masterclass facilitated by experts in digital fashion industry and Web3 Ecosystem.

  • How is the longer term goal divided into milestones making the DAO reach there?

First Funding Round

  • Creating a Digital smart contract with https://otoco.io/ for LLC legal wrapper.
  • Staging a massive Digital Fashion NFT campaign to enable create more NFTs and onboarding digital fashion designers building on other blockchain to Near Ecosystem. Engaging them with creative activities and bounties will be part of the milestones. And as well building marketing strategy that will enable sells of our community members NFTs.
  • Hosting real life fashion events and metaverse activities to showcase creative designs and Digital skills/assets of our Dao community members. And as well practicing IRL NFTs/crypto event ticketing, which is in line with reaching our self sustainability.

Second Funding Round

  • Organizing workshops and masterclass to empower creatives with web3/digital technology skills and sensitizing creatives/designers who are still operating in web2 the benefits of switching to Web3 in this digital art revolution.
  • NEAR FASHION WEEKEND metaverse edition will enable us engage most of our Dao activities on Near DApps like Nearhub.
  • Continues our massive online campaigns to invite more creatives to our community and participate on very creative activities.

Third Funding Round

  • Our DAO will explore DeFi mechanisms to generate additional revenue streams by collaborating with other Daos who are doing great in that direction.
  • Hosting the second real life edition of NEAR FASHION WEEKEND, but this time around bigger and better, because we will this edition will feature virtual reality(VR) Headset segment where special Guests will use the headset to experience the showcase of some of our community members digital collection and this will facilitate buying, selling and trading of some of those digital collections.
  • Engaging the outside community to start building on Near Ecosystem through our community is part of our strategic in reaching our Dao goals. And achieving that we will keep pushing a massive online campaigns to invite more creatives to our community and participate on very creative activities of our Dao.
  • What will the community or the team members’ role be?

@Styleherbalist - he plays a role of overall supervisor in project conceptualization and DAO day to day developments.

@Pallo - he plays a role as the production and project manager who make sure that the Dao project goals and metrics are on check.

@Beatrice - she plays the role of the DAO digital marketing manager, social media and content supervisor.

@Spensx - He will be in charge of designing publicity materials and designs

Sum Total Request Number:

DAO on-chain address

Targeted wallet

Creatives DAO August Community Call Presence 4/4.

We participated on the ongoing NDC election.

Cc: @creativesdao-council @Paul @kc_sollano @williamx @Cryptonaut


The proposal received a score of 9 during the evaluation process, while a minimum threshold of 11 points is required for approval. If you would like to gain further insight into the evaluation, including specific comments and feedback, please review the [Report] CREATIVES DAO SEPTEMBER 2023 REPORT.
With that said, I am closing your proposal.

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