[Event] Onboarding Campaign by DigitalFashion Dao in collaboration with FESTAFRQ

DIGITALFASHION DAO will be collaborating with FESTAFRQ NIGERIA LTD to stage an onboarding campaign to at least onboard 20 new NEARians into the Eco system and 80% of this new onboarded creatives will be fashion designers and fashion models.

**FESTAFRQ NIGERIA LTD is an organization base in Nigeria whose focus is on developing and promoting African culture, art and fashion through events and other creative projects that promote African art and culture. There services and initiatives are carefully designed to spearhead change in this sector by providing access to:

  • Capacity Building and Skills Development.

  • Art and Fashion Showcasing Opportunities.

  • Art Advocacy and recognition.

  • Talent discovery and Gallery.

Instagram page:

Expected Outcome:

  • 20+ new NEARians

  • 20+ New wallet activation

Timelines: 26TH AUGUST

Our Objective: This campaign will help in increasing our Dao onchain activities and new onchain member.

Cc. @Pallo @Spensx @Beatrice @creativesdao-council