[Report] Arroz Criativo November Budget Report

This thread speaks for itself really…suspicion, aggression and intolerance is indeed the very special treatment reserved for anything that is remotely Arroz related.

I really doubt that you scrutinise your own or other reports with this special blend.

As i said in the call there is one report and one proposal missing and they are being produced as we speak and the reaction is clearly written above.

I cannot fix anyone’s issues with anyone else so i hope you all resolve your problems with Arroz where it is appropriate to do so because it is definitely not here.

This is my fourth month doing this so it has been very instructive indeed.

I really don’t know what you are talking about. There were no intolerance or suspicion in any moment. There were people doing their jobs to implement a fair system for all. In the other hand I think you are behaving unfair right now, Arroz always received Creatives Council support and all proposals up until now have passed. So I repeat myself here: I really don’t know what you are talking about.

I totally agree with this:

  • funding for the next month will only be approved after a complete report of the previous month has been delivered
  • reports are needed to keep things transparent
  • personal attacks are not appreciated. Personal and NEAR unrelated disagreements should not take place neither should they stop the community from growing

I guess nothing else to say here.

I’ll leave another post that might be helpful

We never disagreed on the importance of reporting and transparency.
All i asked of you was a little time, a couple of days maximum so @laurapnz , @lamour , @pmcg complete their reports and publish it. Instead of showing support and understanding you @JulianaM & @frnvpr who are by the way a couple sitting on the Creatives Council DAO and also on the council of Incubadora and VR DAO who are funded by the Creatives Council decided to literally launched a joint offensive, as a couple, misinterpreting everything you could on anything i’ve written.
These seats you hold in these DAOs who fund each other, a diplomatic qualification of it in the real world is a “conflict of interest” . The reason for it is illustrated in this disagreable conversation we’re having here. You’re not going to intimidate me with connections and rank.
And if you are such an advocacy of transparency of fairness you would step down from the Creatives Council or your DAOs. So what is it going to be?

That sadly wasn’t my last post in this topic, after all.

You asked for patience regarding studio 2, which I agreed with.
After I gave my opinion about the report on the video proposal, saying it was better if a proposal about creating video content had actual video content in it’s monthly report (the only video content in the folder was not enough for me), you immeadiately started questioning my motives. After you gave your opinion on the matter, I justified my position (since it was questioned) and confirmed the continuation of the proposal was imo good to go.

For some reason, you felt I was attacking, which was not the case. The following was a back and forth of no actual use for the community. I have never, as a council of the Creatives DAO, damaged the position of the Arroz Criativo DAO in the ecosystem. As a matter of fact, ALL proposals have passed, for the short period I have been council.

A certain amount of misunderstanding is normal when people don’t share the same culture/language or other basic notions about civic discourse. However, as you can see by yourself, I have stated several times, along the conversation, that I had given my opinion and that I saw no further reason for arguing, and the project was good to go.

Sadly, you have tried to undermine my right to give my opinion, which I think it’s unacceptable.

Furthermore, you are trying to single out myself and @JulianaM, when in fact @tabear also replied to the topic, saying basically the same as @JulianaM.

You are also trying to single out myself and @JulianaM by stating that there is a problem with our positions in creativesdao-council, when you also know that @tabear holds positions in 3 more councils, @chloe in at least 2 more councils, @vandal in a few more (and Vandal is also part of the Arroz council you say is being under attack for 4 months).

The fact that you are trying to single us out shows you are acting out of bad faith.

As I have shown, I am and always have been a proponent of turnout in councils, not only Vertical councils. I can prove as much, and I can also prove that when I was invited to be a part of the Creativea DAO council, I immeadiately ask for how many months the position would be for.

I have stated elsewhere, before this discussion of ours, that turnout is a much better outcome for the community then allowing positions to be held for too long.

I am more than happy following turnout timings, as I never expected or wanted do remain in the council for too long. I will not step down just because you ask me too, however. You can create a proposal, on astrodao, to remove me or any other council member from the Creatives DAO council. Anyone can do so, actually.

However, I find your accusations severe, and would not want for them to be ignored. Either I/we are wrong, and for that there must be consequences, or your opinions and methods are used in bad faith, and for that consequences should also follow.

For my part, I am only sad that Arroz is being (slightly, because I think people will be able to separate Arroz from Tolga) harmed by you. That opinion is my own.

There is zero interest in intimidating anyone. We, as council of the Creatives DAO, have one single task, and that is supporting the community, albeit following a few guidelines.

There is nothing you or anyone can do ‘to me’. I don’t pretend that these positions are ‘mine’ or permanent, and I am only in the ecosystem for as long as the projects I am involved with are valued by the community.

That said, I agree with you that there are issues to solve and that ‘rank’ has a word in this.

Therefore, I request arbitrage. I am not exactly sure who can offer it, but I will ping some names I think might be able to offer help. I am doing so not to ‘use’ them against you, but to request fair and impartial arbitrage. I (and therefore the rest of the creativesdao-council) am also under scrutiny.

You can do the same.

(arroz council members, so everyone knows what’s going on)

(NF and community squad members)
@mecsbecs @David_NEAR @grace @shreyas @ross @chloe


The development of the conversation here has definitely reached a point where it is no longer in line with the NEAR Community Guidelines as personal attacks and some serious charges have been made that must be dealt with in a fair and productive fashion.

In the mean time, continuing the conversation here does not appear to be the best way to resolve anything, and is in fact exacerbating the problem. As such, I will be locking this post until further notice as offline discussions evolve to address the core issues presented in the replies of this post.


As a final comment on this thread and the previous discussions:

2 meetings have been held and the Arroz proposal for December has been approved, as the council sees the value of Arroz and its residents within the ecosystem.

For further communications we’d like to point out that the community etiquette as well as the general guidelines for the Creatives DAO funding should be respected.

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