[Report] Archiverse event. A webinar about metaverse for web2 community. By Nestercity and Metarchitect

GM NEAR Folks! As one of the projects built on the NEAR Protocol, please let us report to you guys on what we’ve been doing for the last few weeks:

We have done a global event connected to Metaverse and Architects, in brief, we successfully created a webinar named Archiverse with more than 100 audiences (mainly students and governmental representatives). Please take a look for the total report:

The Archiverse webinar, held on January 11th, 2023, attracted a diverse audience of more than 100 attendees, including students and government representatives. The theme of the webinar was “BUILD A POST APOCALYPSE CITY,” and it focused on the topic of metaverse and architects. The webinar provided valuable insights and information on how architects can leverage web3 technology to explore new opportunities in the field.

The attendees were provided with a legitimate certificate of participation, as a recognition of their participation in the event. The response and enthusiasm from the audience were terrific. Attendees actively participated in the event and showed great interest in the topic. The webinar featured a question-and-answer session, where 9 questions were discussed. However, due to time constraints, more than 20 additional questions remained unanswered.

The webinar had 3 topics of discussion. Firstly, Vamshi Khrishna from Co-Founder Futurly, presented the potential development of the metaverse as an immersive and meaningful interacting platform for society, including the use case in real life. He discussed the possibilities of the metaverse as a platform for various industries, such as education, entertainment, and more, and how it can be used to improve people’s lives.

Secondly, Dr.-Ing. Ir. Ilya Fadjar Maharika presented the Development of a resilient community from sustainable digital urban planning and architecture approach. He discussed how digital urban planning and architecture could be used to create resilient communities that are able to withstand and recover from disasters.

Lastly, Prof. Yandi Andri Yatmo, PhD presented the speculative design for the future. He discussed how architects could use speculative design to create innovative and sustainable designs for post-apocalyptic cities.

The positive impact of the webinar was that it encouraged architects and enthusiasts to explore web3 as a new opportunity in the field. The webinar provided a platform for attendees to learn about the latest developments in the field and to connect with other professionals and experts in the industry. Architect students, in particular, can benefit from this webinar by understanding how web3 technology can be used to create innovative designs and solutions for post-apocalyptic cities. They can also learn about potential career opportunities in the field of metaverse architecture. Overall, the webinar was well-received by the attendees and it was successful in promoting the use of web3 technology in architecture.

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It was an honour to participate in this event