[Report] KalakendraDAO Web3 101 Webinar

WEB3 101 (Live webinar)

Webinar Details

About Webinar

Web3 101 is an educational webinar organised by “Kalakendra DAO” on the 13th of August 2022 from 6 PM to 7 PM IST in GMeet. The main purpose of the webinar was to educate students about web3 in terms of blockchain, NFT, metaverse, DeFi, DAO and other related topics. The whole event was very well organized and the students were very enthusiastic to learn about the various opportunities in the field of web3.

Overall, it was an amazing experience for all of us and we are very grateful to have been a part of it.

During the session, we also asked the attendees to scan the QR code to grab free nft by creating a wallet of NEAR in satori, and we are associated with Cyberonics (Student Community for Students, by Students) and Web3 Thamizha DAO.

We had 50+ participants from various engineering colleges all over Tamilnadu and the session was prolonged for an hour. We got an excellent response from the students and in the feedback, most of them mentioned that they need more web3-based webinars and IRLs in the future.

We onboarded 50+ engineering college students by educating them about NEAR protocol and we got 4 college contacts to do our future IRL.

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Webinar Content

  • What is Web3?

  • Why Web3? Why not Web2?

  • Privacy?

  • Decentralization?

  • What is Blockchain?

  • Is Blockchain=Web3?

Webinar Outcome

  • 94 college students registered
  • 50 college students on-boarded with NEAR wallet
  • Educated college students about Web3

We had a successful interactive webinar session as mentioned above, we had more web2 college students attend the webinar. The webinar focused on more web3 education and awareness

KalakendraDAO started as a mission to Onboard Web2 artists into Web3 Space, Especially into NEAR Protocol. Still, with the Recent Activities of KalakendraDAO, We have slowly evolved to onboarding Not only artists but also all the web3 enthusiasts like Devs, Community Builders & College students into web3 NEAR Protocol.

As NEAR Mission to Onboard 1Billion Web3 Users into NEAR Protocol, I can affirmatively say KalakendraDAO is Moving in a Right Direction Operating in India. The Webinar Gave KKD Access to collaborate with the college students.


  1. We had a wonderful experience collaborating with Cyberonics, and understanding students’ mentality in web3 is interesting.
  2. When it comes to college students then plan accordingly with the contents and make sure tech them risks about crypto.


  1. We got more student ambassadors for various engineering colleges in Tamilnadu and as a result, we were able to build a strong student community in the south of india.
  2. We got a lot of inquiry & interest from College students joining & building products on NEAR partnering with KKD; As a result, we will be able to participate in metabuidl 3 Representing KalakendraDAO.

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