[Introduction] Nestercity: Architects, Metaverse, and NFT

GM #NEAR Community! We hope you’re doing fine. We want to introduce about Nestercity project.

Project Name: Nestercity
Founder & CoFounder: Wazid & Sultan
Minting Page: nestercity_nft.near — Paras
Project location-based: Indonesia
Website: nester.city

Project Details:

Nestercity is an architecture-based Web3 project focusing on Non-Fungible tokens (NFT), and Metaverse implications for architectural designs, this product of this project can also be phrased as Metarchitecture (Metarverse-architecture) designed by Metarchitect (Metaverse-architect). This project was built due to our concern for the intellectual property of architects which most of the time people are unaware of, other than that we were also Inspired by underutilized 3D assets being stagnant on the storage drive, Nestercity is built and run by real architects to introduce a new architectural experience in an immersive digital world. Nestercity makes 300 NFTs with metaverse unlockable for each NFT; it engrains architectural buildings in every design approach it disseminates.

When the NFT is collected, the collector (or we call it Nestercitizen) could directly unlock the metaverse content by claiming their Nestercitizen role in our discord server, which Nepbot supports. The Nestercitizen will be directed to the unlockable link service by Varda Vision, an immutable and decentralized platform to store digital products. Nestercity would allow Nestercitizens to utilize the metaverse that they are just unlocked to create a virtual gallery, event, or virtual office. Regarding web3, Nestercity has been improving the value of creators through multiple NFTs projects in a visualized Metarchitecture, where an immersive engagement within the community is the prime benefit it can serve.

Nestercity metaverse is a personal web-based space, meaning the user will not need to download anything to run the metaverse. Some supported features are:

  • Mobile friendly
  • Share-screen
  • Upload your GLB file
  • Surround Audio (360)
  • Video sharing
  • Hyperlink

About Nestercity’s NFT:
We are creating Architectural-based NFTs with three different concepts:

Nesteria is a city in the future that is supported by advanced technology. The character includes the prevalence of skyscrapers, environmentally-friendly renewable energy to fuel transport fleets and their systems, and energy sources for housing and public facilities. What can be seen at a glance from Nesteria is speed-technology-efficiency.

Exteria takes the concept of Steampunk’s technological developments in the 19th century. To run, the city relies on diesel, steam power, or even counterweighted clockwork technology. Exteria marks the foundation of the first industrial revolution on planet earth.

Nestyslum will take on the desert atmosphere on Mars. The civilization successfully built from space exploration was triggered by an exhausting earth’s condition, vulnerability to climate change, rising temperatures, and the sea level rise that began swallowing every city. The views of the dusty desert, state-of-the-art technology, and up-close stellar views are the hallmarks of Nestsylum.

The NFT unlockables:
Our NFTs will have 2 unlockable metaverses.

  • Nestercity Metaverse, which is built in 3D by our professional architects. The claim process can be done independently by using the Varda vault service.

  • Myriad Social Metaverse (known as Myriad.town), which is built in 2D by using a Reality Chain engine. The claim process will be in the form snapshot and airdrop from our official NEAR wallet.

About our Roadmap:

  • 2022
    In 2022, We will focus on developing NFT, Metaverse, and DAO.

  • 2023
    In 2023, we will focus on developing DAO and the platform for architects in Web3.

  • 2024
    In 2024, We will focus on the extensive real-life application of architects and Web3

This roadmap can change at any time according to the growth and development of the project itself. For more detailed information, please visit https://www.nester.city/.

Our milestone:

  • Support and Partnership with Myriad Social: By creating a partnership and collaborating for myriad.town as the unlockable content of Nestercity’s NFT and resulting in 2 metaverses as the unlockable content instead of 1.
  • Partnership with AntiSocial Ape Club (ASAC): Developing a virtual ASAC gallery in our metaverse to introduce metaverse possibilities for NFT Enthusiastic.
  • Community Partnership with Lacrove: Creating Lacroverse - a virtual talk show and website launching for Lacroverse NFT Project.
  • Partnership with Paras (ongoing): Developing an open submission NFT Exhibition for NFT Creators on Paras.id called A+M Exhibition with more than 200 NFT arts exhibited for more than 30 days. visit here: A+M Exhibition
  • Strategic and Community partnership with Marma J Foundation: Sponsoring the A+M Exhibition event by introducing MarmaJ Chan to leverage #Web3 tech for social good within #nestercity.
  • Strategic and Community partnership with The Auction: Sponsoring the A+M Exhibition event and community engagement.
  • Technical Partnership with Nepbot: Nepbot supports our collector role on the discord server to distinguish and provide more exclusivity.
  • Technical partnership with Varda.vision: Varda vision supports our unlockable claim for collectors by verifying their NEAR Wallet.

Last week, we also created a Nesteracademy program educating art vocational high school students about NFT and Near protocol; our 1st academy class was done on 29 September 2022 with SMK – East Java, Indonesia.

Nesteracademy will not stop here; more events and programs as such will be prevalent in the future. As we move towards a more significant project, Nestercity is forming an Architect DAO on NEAR Protocol, named Metarchitect. Soon we will post the introduction and updates regarding our development of the DAO,

Nestercity, Let’s NEST together!

Join our Discord: Click here
Follow our Twitter: Click here
LinkedIn: Click here
More official links: Click here


Hey everyone! I’m one of the early backers of Nester.city. They are an extremely professional group of real-world architects and civil engineers, and they are doing really cool stuff! Check em out!


Hi everyone, my name is Sultan. I’m helping the team to build and create impact to the near community and beyond. We hope to create a better metaverse experience. Please learn more about us. Many thanks!


Our pride! Happy to see Nestercity brings good impact on the NEAR Protocol :indonesia: :indonesia: :indonesia:


Guys, just a lil’ bit suggestion to Councils Nestercity, for the link you provided, Founders & Co-founders should link your membership directly to gov.near and create a separate link with Twitter. like this…

@wiswiz - wizzow.near

Twitter : Wizzow

:beers: Happy to support Nestercity make DOPE project on the NEAR Protocol :indonesia:


I am very glad to see Nestercity here. <3


Thank you, ser! We are glad that NEAR Indonesia also helped us develop! :smile:

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Oh, that is a great idea! thank you for the input ser. We are happy for your support :smile:

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