[REPORT] 9jamusical report for the month of may

Hello Community!

The Month of May was a very great month for us at 9ja Musical as we took time to enrich our social media platforms with educative content and build a solid ground for better education of our community members.

Though we didn’t receive funding for the month, we were able to take this time to think and set achievable goals for the community as we stated also in April’s report.

We expanded our social media reach to Facebook, Medium, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, and now Discord. Here is an all-in-one link to our social handles.


Discord: We created the Discord server about a week ago and have had this level of growth. 87 Members and counting.

The Discord server is to help us manage most online events in a single place rather than create different telegram groups.


Our medium page has become enriched with a few articles and still more to come


Our Instagram page has grown really fast with activities/content booming strong.


The Facebook page was opened recently to spread reach to users. It’s one of the most popular social media platforms amongst Nigerians and we have decided to use it.


The telegram community is our oldest community and has this growth curve to show

! |624x351


Our Twitter account has been of great impact to our members and the analytics below tells of our growth and engagement level.

Activities carried out.

  1. AMA in the telegram group
  2. Weekly quiz competition (Quiz questions revolve around the NEAR ecosystem
  3. Meme contest
  4. Educative materials published.
  5. Discord invite contest (On going)

We were able to receive Intern Mods from OWS to train them in the aspect of community management. It was an awesome two weeks as the intern mods were engaged in different activities to sharpen their skills. Much more collaborations with OWS to fully onboard and get the hands of newcomers into the ecosystem are our goals moving forward.


We also have been able to own our store on Mintbase to help us fully onboard Artists and Musicians to mint their works. (We have a plan on the ground regarding this)

We have been unable to mint songs from the last music competition due to a file upload error on Mintbase. Photo proof below

Once the error is fixed, songs will be minted.

Also, we created a DAO account on AstroDAO to help us decentralize our community.

Council members are the core team members pushing this great work forward. They are @Omotola: ashake.near: moderator/designer @Alphaflex: alphaflexhub.near: moderator @Mimi2: mirmiraclechinaza.near: moderator/Writer @Jeromemrys: jeromeemrys.near :moderator/lead and I (@IgbozeIsrael: ibohigboze.near ) Team Leader


To proceed with our growth and increase our reach, we will focus on

  1. More social media activities to educate and increase our reach on all handles
  2. Register officially with the Government to give us the freedom to operate physical activities.
  3. Hold an open Music competition to +18s. This will increase our reach and we will have more organic growth, educate 1. Contestants about NEAR and 2. The audience at large

Thanks to @marketingdao-council for all support given.
We look toward doing more!

@Klint @David_NEAR @Dacha


Thanks for the detailed report!

What sort of registration do you require with govt to be able to operate physicial activities?


Hello @satojandro sir!
Thanks for the complement.
If we register as a Non governmental organisation, we could have more freedom in doing our Music activities.

To make it clear, it doesn’t mean we can’t hold physical activities without the registration. The registration only gives us that recognition legally

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Superb stats thanks to the whole team, and Near protocol for the support. We would do more in the future to come…

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Damn! I love how detailed this report is. Niceee!!!

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It has been an amazing opportunity learning and working with the community. The teaching sessions helping enthusiastic people learn more about near ecosystem has really being the best part for me.
Thank you so much sir for such and incredible honor to be a part of the community. We will keep ensuring more people gets into the community to partake in all it has to offer.

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In regards to this, we NEAR NIGERIA (NPK GUILD) decided last year to register as an NGO, and we stated we are in for education and innovation, due to the fact that blockchain tech was added, till now we haven gotten the CAC till now.
Latest news reaching me is that Nigeria is planning on creating CAC in relation to blockchain related activities