[REPORT] HypeDAO May 2022 Activity Report

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May 2022 Monthly Report

Project Name: Hype DAO

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Council members:

Balance: current account balance 261.41 N



Report on Twitter Spaces:
Twitter Spaces continue regularly every Saturday. They were a little bit slow during the month of May. During the month of June HypeDAO is going to explore using Twitter Spaces for onboarding, community calls and themed events.

Report on Medium Blog: HypeDAO posted the bounty for two Medium blogs after receiving May funds late in the month. The two blogs are in process. They will be paid out during the first week of June and posted later in the month. Kodandi posted her blog May 31, and metrics are not available yet.

Report on HypeBattle: HypeBattle is back and the first one posted after receiving May funds late in the month. The two Hype Battles have not yet closed or paid out. HYPE BATTLE ( ONGOING) May Draw It On Your Own Style #1

Report on Telegram Stickers: HypeDAO is excited to select ten stickers from seven artists to use in our Telegram and Discord. It was just too difficult to choose from all the excellent submissions so we selected a lot! Each artist received $20 USD per sticker for a total of $200 USD. [CLOSED](DRAFT PROPOSAL) Hype Dao Telegram Sticker Pack - #27 by Ligaya

Report on Social Media: When we receive funding from Marketing DAO we will start reporting social media work as a part of that process.

Highlights: HypeDAO welcomes new councilmember El Malamaya to help us bring utility to the $HYPE token. We look forward to expanding the projects and artists we Hype!

Accounting: This month we went through the KYC process again and so projects are a bit behind schedule. Twitter Spaces funds and Telegram stickers contest funds are paid out. Hype Battle administration funds are paid out but the contests are not closed or paid out yet. The Medium blogs are expected to be paid out during the first week of June.

Next Steps: HypeDAO is working on a plan to upgrade to Astro v3 during the month of June. We are also exploring options to put any treasury overage into DeFi during the process of moving the treasury between contracts.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hypedao
Discord: Discord
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @hypedao
Medium: https://link.medium.com/sl7Lbe8ELpb

May budget [APPROVED] HypeDAO Funding Request Budget May 2022 - #4 by Ligaya

May blog articles paid out: [BOUNTY] Write for the HypeDAO blog! - #16 by kodandi