[Rejected] NEAR Africa Community DAO for Three Months: NDC Budget Subcategory code HOM-004P-1-5 Regional Development

Section 1 - DAO/Project Information

  • Organization Name: NEAR AFRICA COMMUNITY DAO
  • When was your DAO / Project established?: NOVEMBER 2023
  • Project’s Category: COMMUNITY LED

Section 2. Previous Funding

The Africa Community DAO is yet to receive funding from any vertical

Section 3. DAO URLs

Social media links

X: https://twitter.com/rcdaoafrica?t=2uF8V2cdjnir2gr-gMDh0g&s=09

Near.social: RC DAO AFRICA (rcdaoafrica.near) | Near Social

  • Africa Community DAO is focused on the entire African Continent.

Section 4. Applicant Information

  • Name of Point of Contact: Igboze Israel

  • Link to Governance Forum/near.social Profile. Forum near.social

  • NEAR Wallet ID: Igboze_builder.near

  • Country of Residence: Nigeria

  • Twitter, Telegram: X, Telegram

  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn

  • Founder/CEO Mental Maze, RCWG Champion, Founder TNEsociety

  • Second Point of Contact: Mohammad Auwal

  • Link to Governance Forum/near.social Profile. Forum near.social

  • NEAR Wallet ID: mrmoh.near

  • Country of Residence: Nigeria

  • Twitter, Telegram: X, Telegram

  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn

  • Council Member NEAR Nigeria (Formerly NPK Guild), Nominee RC DAO Africa Elections

  • Wallet ID that will be receiving funds:

Section 5. Team Members


Name Role

Igboze Israel RC Relations and Activities/POC

Bakaka Operation and Project mnagement

Muhammed: Governance and Strategy/Dev Relations

Psalmy Administrator/Community Manager

Big M Education/Media


• Governance, Partnerships, and Strategy
• Community Relations
• Operations and Project Management
• Education and Developer Relations
• Administrator/ Community Manager

– Governance and Strategy:

• Build, Manage and oversee the Governance Framework

• Develop and oversee strategies that aid in Regional Communities Growth

• Overseas, manages and develops partnerships in and out of the dao and Larger Near Ecosystem

• Develop and manage Community Outreach programs and governance that aid partnerships, collaborations and onboarding new members into the ecosystem

• Manage DAO Charter and Framework

– RC Community Relations and Activities:

• Oversees and Manages relations between all community leaders

• Set Goals and Strategies for Regional hubs and Regional Community

• Oversees and manages Community Marketing

• Oversee and Manage Community Media and Social Media structures and guidelines. E.g News stream, Dashboard, Guidelines,

• Set guidelines to onboard new regional communities

• Provide Support to Regional Communities

– Operations and Project Management

• Oversee and Manage RCdao Projects and Calendar

• Oversee Admin Operations and Direct Task

• Manage and Community Organize Trello and Dashboard

• Oversee and manage Special projects

– Education and Dev Relations

• Build and Manage Educational Programs for the Ecosystem

• Manage Developer relations in the Ecosystem

• Develop and manage strategies to engage and increase developer engagement with BOS and other ecosystem tools

• Develop developer programs that onboard new developers and incentivise developers to build on the Ecosystem.

• Develop Educational Content and Curriculum that be used by Regional Communities and can be translated into different Languages

– Administrator and Activity Management :

• Overseas and manages RC Meetings and Minutes

• Overseas and manage all RC Community Channels and Community Activities

• Manage and oversee Community Proposals Request

• Manage and Moderate information being passed out to the community

• Operational Budget

Section 6. Experience

Igboze Iboh (Community Builder/Community Manager)

Aurora Africa Team Lead


Mental Maze

Muhammed Auwal (Developer and Blockchain Enthusiast)

NEAR Nigeria (Formerly NPK Guild) Council Member

Council Member Defunct Aurora Nigeria


Gov Forum

Section 7. DAO/Project Charter/White or Litepaper and Goals

  • The NEAR African Community DAO is a collaborative initiative aimed at advancing the adoption and implementation of blockchain technology across Africa. So far, there are communities in Africa all working towards spreading NEAR Blockchain Technology in Africa and its use cases for our everyday tech services.
  • Bridging the web3 gap in Africa through NEAR Protocol by onboarding of builders and users of ecosystem products
  • DAO/Project Charter;
  • Through little builder grant for community-focused projects, Through user retention via dApps prioritizing through engagements


The budget will be managed for 3 months, from November - January 2023.


  • Education/Workshops
  • Onboarding
  • Marketing/Community Engagement
  • Collaboration
  • Online hackathon


  • Workshops
  • Marketing/Community Engagement
  • Building
  • Collaborations.
  • Onchain engagement


  • Workshops
  • BOS Building
  • Marketing/Community Engagement
  • Hackathons/Showcase Event
  • Onchain Engagement

Section 8. Budget

  • Budget breakdown
  • All council team members will be working full-time
  • Council remuneration comes from the budget
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	S/NO	          ACTIVITY        	                    "AMOUNT 
                                                     Month 1"    Month 2	Month 3                	COMMENT
	1	                COMMUNITY	                 $25,000	  $25,000	 $25,000	
	2	                Councils                     $6,000       $6,000	 $6,000	
	TOTAL		                                     $31,000	  $31,000	 $31,000	

Section 9. Project/DAO longevity

  • Africa Community DAO requires continuous funding till the DAO can sustainably build structures to return investment,
  • Some of the roadblocks of the DAO will be inconsistent funding, any possible mismanagement of funds, etc


  1. Accounts retention: By marketing and community onboarding activities such as campaigns, quizzes, dApp workshops.
  2. dApp usage. With dApp workshops, BOS components usage, this will help to boost activities from Africa
  3. Accounts retained: With proper onboarding to dApps useful to the African continent, this shall cause up surge in on-chain interaction to specific dApps.
  4. Social engagement score: Purely on-chain metrics when it comes to social media. This won’t stop the use of Twitter and the rest though.

Near Digital Collective Priorities and How We Align.

  1. Referral systems for the ecosystem: Quosi ambassador programme by the DAO for campuses.

  2. Demonstration of NEAR to non-blockchain communities: Community onboarding activities.

a. TradFi apps seeking exposure to DeFi yield

b. Traditional software companies seeking to offload security and risk to blockchain

c. AI/ML data provenance

d. Social apps with data privacy requirements and possible network effects

  1. Education of the local communities, creators, and influencers: Through Regional Onboarding

a. Local offline and online workshops or lectures in regional languages

Wallet ID to receive funds: near-africa-community-dao.sputnik-dao.near

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