[Rejected] NEAR Africa Community DAO in NDC V1 : NDC Budget Subcategory code HOM-004P-1-5 Regional Development

Hello Community!

Following the recent update by the RCWG, vibrant leaders from the African continent came together to hasten the process that started a few months ago when the RCWG introduced the continental group structure as a result of the failed RCDAO elections.

Three leaders from Africa in persons of Psalmy, Bib M, and Muhammed who were among the nominees contesting that contested all started the journey of drafting the Governance framework and other processes.

Today, the NEAR African Community DAO is proposed to the HOM to be included in the NDC V1 framework for effective growth, partnership and collaboration in Africa. This initiative is backed by long-lasting African OGs in the ecosystem and aspiring community leaders.

The proposed DAO councils consist of the following people and their roles.


Name. Role

Igboze Israel RC Relations and Activities/POC

Bakaka Operation and Project Management

Muhammed: Governance and Strategy/Dev Relations

Psalmy: Administrator and Activity Management

Big M: Public Relations/Education


• Governance, Partnerships, and Strategy
• Community Relations
• Operations and Project Management
• Education and Developer Relations
• Administrator/ Community Manager

– Governance and Strategy:

• Build, Manage and oversee the Governance Framework

• Develop and oversee strategies that aid in Regional Communities Growth

• Overseas, manages and develops partnerships in and out of the dao and Larger Near Ecosystem

• Develop and manage Community Outreach programs and governance that aid partnerships, collaborations and onboarding new members into the ecosystem

• Manage DAO Charter and Framework

– RC Community Relations and Activities:

• Oversees and Manages relations between all community leaders

• Set Goals and Strategies for Regional hubs and Regional Community

• Oversees and manages Community Marketing

• Oversee and Manage Community Media and Social Media structures and guidelines. E.g News stream, Dashboard, Guidelines,

• Set guidelines to onboard new regional communities

• Provide Support to Regional Communities

– Operations and Project Management

• Oversee and Manage RCdao Projects and Calendar

• Oversee Admin Operations and Direct Task

• Manage and Community Organise Trello and Dashboard

• Oversee and manage Special projects

– Education and Dev Relations

• Build and Manage Educational Programs for the Ecosystem

• Manage Developer relations in the Ecosystem

• Develop and manage strategies to engage and increase developer engagement with BOS and other ecosystem tools

• Develop developer programs that onboard new developers and incentivise developers to build on the Ecosystem.

• Develop Educational Content and Curriculum that be used by Regional Communities and can be translated into different Languages

– Administrator and Activity Management :

• Overseas and manages RC Meetings and Minutes

• Overseas and manage all RC Community Channels and Community Activities

• Manage and oversee Community Proposals Request

• Manage and Moderate information being passed out to the community

• Operational Budget


The NEAR Africa Community DAO is a decentralised autonomous organization (DAO) focused on expanding the NEAR Protocol’s Vision in Africa. The DAO aims to onboard builders and users to the NEAR Protocol and to support the development of decentralized applications (dApps) on the network.

The DAO is inspired by the success stories of Binance Africa and Celo Africa. Binance Africa is a regional arm of Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. Binance Africa has been successful in onboarding users and builders to the Binance ecosystem. Celo Africa is a community-led initiative that aims to promote the use of the Celo blockchain in Africa. Celo Africa has been successful in building a community of developers and users in Africa.

The NEAR Africa Community DAO will focus on the following key areas:

  • Onboarding builders: The DAO will provide resources and support to developers who are building dApps on the NEAR Protocol. This includes providing access to development tools, funding, and mentorship.
  • Onboarding users: The DAO will educate users about the NEAR Protocol and its benefits. This includes creating educational materials, running workshops, and organizing meetups.
  • Supporting dApp development: The DAO will provide funding and support to dApp developers. This includes providing grants, hosting hackathons, and providing marketing support.
  • Building and sustaining communities: The DAO will build a community of developers, users, and supporters of the NEAR Protocol in Africa. This includes organizing events, running social media campaigns, and creating a forum for discussion.

The NEAR Africa Community DAO is a valuable initiative that will help to expand NEAR Protocol’s Vision in Africa. The DAO is inspired by the success stories of Binance Africa and Celo Africa, and it is poised to significantly impact the region. The DAO has the potential to help Africa become a leader in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space leveraging NEAR.

Attached is the charter for the DAO and the initial budget framework for community feedback.

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If you are a leader from Africa and want to build NEAR in your Country, Join the leaders’ telegram group for better collaboration.

Thanks, and we are waiting for community feedback and HOM approval.
Tagging the POC and Secretary of HOM @Dacha, and @kiskesis for review.


Thank you @IgbozeIsrael We hope we will given the opportunity to bring Africa to NEAR.


Looking forward to the new dawn!!

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This is awesome, we are set to push the adoption of Near Blockchain in Africa :earth_africa:

Let’s make a great wave together :rocket:

Let’s fucking gooooo :clinking_glasses:

Hello @IgbozeIsrael is there opportunity to be part of the advisory council. For diversity sake one person from Ghana could make this DAO great and three people is also ideal.

We have someone from Ghana who is on the onbaording process becoming a council member.

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Okay so how can I be part? I don’t really need much training and onboarding. I have experience as programs manager. I have being in the ecosystem for long. What are the criteria for selection for this DAO? Let me come to your telegram we can have more chat there :smile:

The selection has to do with all leaders taking a vote and also due to the recent RCDAO elections that was cancelled due to some challenges.

The leaders telegram group is a good place to start with Sir.

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