[proposing BOUNTY] Exquisite corpse - Create collections of text-NFTs

Hello Mintbase Community,

I just launched on Mintbase/ 3XR a short story experiment, and since my main goal is to inspire other writers to use these tools to create their own projects, I want to propose a BOUNTY to this community.

My suggestion is that users create their own text-NFT (I did mine with a video tool, but just text on a canvas works pretty well) or just choose from the existing text-NFTs, and create their own Exquisite corpse, a mix of different texts from different sources.

Those galleries can be minted in create.3xr.space and then showcased here, on social media, bought and sold as any other NFT :star_struck: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I leave it to the Mintbase DAO team the details on how to turn this into a proper Bounty :pray:

Thank you all


Just love exquisite corpses! <3


We love the idea and will be thinking about how to create a bounty that could fit this best.

If you have any suggestion as to how to plan this, let us know please @frnvpr


Hey! Love the ideia! I was just speaking to @frnvpr about this and how could we evaluate the participants of this bounty.

You could make it has an Evaluation, somewhat similiar to what is done in schools, get some evaluation points that could have (1-5 stars/points) like:

  • Creativity
  • Use Case
  • Writting

More could be added if it makes sense.

Then we could have a jury of mixed people (Mintbase, 3XR, Writers Guild, etc…) that would make it more sharp in the decision or make it a ecosystem community voting pool here in the Forum.


We should decide if we are rewarding participation (less N, more people) or quality of submission (more N, less people).

For the first case, I would suggest rewarding the first x submissions, no voting going on.
For the second, a poll in here or on astro (that would be cool) can be used.


I have a perfect nft for this bounty :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Hey! I see this as a great idea, for sure we could use both the Creatives DAO and the forum for a poll.

I will vote for rewarding participation as this is somehow a new experience for some regarding NFTs

Big hug! Cheers :beers:


loved this idea, @frnvpr!

this is a really nice, creative and experimental practice, and bring this to the blockchain, specially using 3XR technology, seems a nice way to do that =)))

as someone who’s not fully online, I prefer the evaluation/poll selection than first come, first serve.


@frnvpr awesome ideas. Thanks for getting involved @LulucaL, @FritzWorm and @bagadefente

How about we work on a shared doc for this @frnvpr? You need to request editing rights 3xr Bounty - Google Docs

I think participation can be awarded with very little near, like 0,2N (covering for minting and maybe proposing your first thing to astrodao)

and then for the prizes we could go from 5N first place, 3N second place and 2 near third place?


on this proposal, the corpses will be build individually, using fragments from others people’s text, right?

I’m trying to think a way that we can reproduce the same dynamics from “physical” exquisite corpse, put together random pieces from different sources, without previous selection.

I still haven’t create a gallery on 3xr, so I don’t know if we can build this collectively like this: everyone interested in contribute joins the same gallery and put a fragment, preferably without read the pieces already available, and at the end we’ll have our exquisite corpse!

(on this way, I don’t know if the prize things makes sense and we should instead awarded everyone with a small amount of N…)

if this idea isn’t technically possible, or doesn’t make sense for what we’re building, than I think the ideia of individuals galleries created from texts excerpts of other people, followed by votation, can work nice too =)


I don’t it can, at the moment. Because there is minting involved, galleries need to be done in one singular process.


Who can participate?

Everyone with a NEAR wallet :slight_smile: If you don’t have one, check this video-tutorial (portuguese with EN subtitles).

How to participate:

  1. Mint your story/poem/text as NFT(s). You can also choose from the Mintbase marketplace any NFT you enjoy.
  2. Create a custom gallery at https://create.3xr.space/ mixing your NFT(s) with others you don’t own.
  3. Tweet it and tag us. (@mintbaseDAO & @mintbase)
  4. We’ll send you 0.2 N for participation,
  5. Comment the tweet under this post with your near name
  6. The MintbaseDAO council & @frnvpr will be voting on the winners.

Edited these 2 points.
The rest seems perfect, this way we promote participation, but also quality of engagement :slight_smile:
Tell me what you think @marianeu


sounds great, i approved your solicitation to edit @frnvpr :slight_smile: pls insert there <3


Yeahssss :v::sunglasses: will happen!!!


@frnvpr is it all done in our doc now??

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I guess that is enough :slight_smile: Only difficulty I envision is people not being minters on any store and not knowing which store to chose from the list. Maybe add an instruction to mint on their own store or propose to the vrdao. Will do that. Edit: Done, if you think it’s enough, green light by me!


awesome!! thanks! will post it today

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Look what I found lost in the Nearverse

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