[CLOSED BOUNTY] Creation of a 3XR Gallery curated by Incubadora DAO 4 x 25$ (usdc)

Hello all! :v:

Incubadora DAO established an official partnership with 3XR (3xr.space and create.3xr.space) and is engaging with the community for the creation of curated 3XR galleries.

  • We have 4 x 25$ (usdc) to reward the best 4 collections of NFTs.
  • To participate, go to Mintbase.io and select your most beloved NFTs.
  • Then list them in reply to this bounty.
  • You can upload a pdf, doc, or just list your chosen NFTs in the reply textbox.

  • Our curators will then select the best 4 collections and mint them on the Incubadora Mintbase store.
  • Upon selection, we will send 25$ (usdc) to the winner’s NEAR wallet, so remember to add it to your reply.
  • This bounty is open from May 12 to May 18.

NOTE: On this bounty, the minting of the gallery is to be done by the Incubadora DAO curator’s team.

Join the 3XR Telegram chat: Telegram: Contact @threexr
and the Incubadora DAO Telegram chat: Telegram: Contact @incubadoradao

We are excited to see the collections you select! Thank you all!


I’d like to create one to showcase Portugal based muti artists that have been supported during the last year of our activity :slight_smile:


Yeahssss :raised_hands::innocent: I love curate 3xr galleries, here is my Idea: only black and white (ok, and shades in between) art, start looking on Mintbase, 2086nfts search, trying to create an optical illusion, have a nice trip!

So, let’s goooooo

I think I have to stop ahahahah​:see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil: I can easily lose control of the searches and senses to put together so much incredible work.




I decided to propose a collection of works called “TEXT is not (just) a word”, which I curated by searching for “text” on Mintbase (303 results) and choosing only works that doesn’t have words as main visual output.

this way I got “text-to-image”, (a lot of) “texturized” works and stuff like that.
I also chose to select just one work from each artist, so we can have a more diverse gallery.

here’s the 13 (my lucky number) artworks I curated, hope you like it!





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It is very great if you can mint a gallery that consists of arts in “Show your soul” project of Spiritual DAO. I collected those special arts through 3 weeks, the main theme is “Surrender”

My wallet: ltvp.near


:star_struck: yeahssss Love this! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


As an animal lover I really like the idea of a collection of animals starting with dog and cat. Who can resist their adorable face. My wallet: mathh.near

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I saw those impressive arts when visiting Incubadora Store. I would love to create a gallery of 7 NFTs name: "Walk of life"


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Really nice submissions everybody! Thank you! One more day :)) Tomorrow we’ll close the bounty and select the winners!!! :partying_face: :partying_face:


This a series of art create by many talented artist in a Contest name Gaia Mom by Ina DAO. I catch a glimpse of some pics and totally hooked up with the full collection.
My wallet: baronchef.near

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:smiling_face: Yah that was a very nice experience when seeing those arts

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Hey all!! The bounty is now closed. Thanks for participating.

For this bounty the winners were:


I will later today mint the galleries, paste them here and send the payouts.

For those that didn’t win, I will send you a gift NFT to your wallets :wink:

Next month we’ll have more :))


Thank you :purple_heart:

If possible and the DAO can hold it, could you send the reward to the DAO muti.sputnik-dao.near

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does astro support usdc?

i just asked, will let u know.

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i can convert do dai and send, but will be 24.something

that’s also fine, whatever is easiest. if you have the time, u can wait for my answer from the astro team. as u prefer :slight_smile: ty!