[Approved] November 2021 Marketing Budget The Clan Guild


Hello @Grace @satojandro @David_NEAR @jcatnear @cryptocredit

This month The Clan DAO made a marketing project beside the Proposal Social Medias Management too.

:white_medium_square::white_small_square:Budget asked: 700USD

:white_small_square:We called Using Art to Advertise and Promote NEAR

-And it’s included buy NFTs of The Clan Artists and of all NEAR environment for support the members while we promote the NEAR.

:white_small_square:The super fun You in The Clan by Yourself it’s included in this Marketing Project too.

:white_small_square:The Experience Design for NFT Workshop

:white_medium_square::white_small_square:Budget asked: 1000USD

And for last, but not least important we have the Art for Lynkfire Slots

:white_medium_square::white_small_square:Budget asked : 10 NEAR ( distributed equally between the participant artists)

:white_medium_square::white_medium_square:Total Budget Asked : 1700usd + 10 NEAR

Thank you very much for the attention and opportunity. Looking forward for feedback.

All the links of The Clan DAO : Lynkfire The Clan

Councils of The Clan



Hey hey!

Awesome art :tada:

Can you share with more clarity what the funding will be used for? Am I understanding it’s an NFT workshop and to buy NFTs?

What’s the overall goal of this marketing plan?


Hello! Thank you!
When the artist just minted/listed their NFTs, the next step is the promotion of it in social medias (Twitter, Instagram, discord and telegram)

Usually we (see my examples) use tags and mentions/specific handles for it. But with no marketing direction at all. Every artist will have a “highlight” in Instagram, for example.

:white_medium_square:In this case we will use this step in favor to advertise the NEAR environment, the growing community and everything related to this. In other words, we will use ART to AD. The Clan will provide templates with NEAR logos, specifics handles, tags and mentions.

-The Clan will buy only the Art who follow the parameters.

:white_medium_square:This will call the attention of the other artists who aren’t in the NEAR yet, and collectors too. And a overall attention for all in the social medias.

Are you going to be using Astro to buy the NFTs and keep them in the DAO treasury? That’d be neat!


Yes! We are studying and learning more about it and the councils of The Clan watched two AMAs of @chloe @marmajfoundation and that’s what we aim to do! Pretty excited with. :fire:

I’m happy to move forward with this.

Pinging @marketingdao-council for any further comments/review :ballot_box_with_check:

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Thank you so much! :white_heart:

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Nice project!

I would agree with @David_NEAR suggestion that you set up a DAO on Astro and hold the NFT collection there. This will ensure the maximum transparency.

Also happy to approve.


@cryptocredit sure thing! This was already added in the proposal. Thank you!

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@cryptocredit and @David_NEAR i need to make an Astro DAO for this purpose before this Proposal be approved? Or after?

Hey! You can find a guide to creating one here.

Since you’ve already submitted it, don’t worry. Please submit future proposals to your DAO :tada:

LMK if you need any help setting it up :raised_hands:


Sure I wil do to the DAO! This one isn’t approved yet, right? Thank you so much for teaching me! It means a lot.

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Not just yet, you can track it here

Any time :tada:

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Yes for The social medias… I mean the approved in this topic of the general budget. Budget November The Clan

It’s takes Two OK votes here in the forum to change for [APPROVED] ?

It takes 3 votes, > 50% of the Council and there are currently 5 Council Members


Got it! Thank you again!

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Hello @David_NEAR and @cryptocredit ! What’s missing in this proposal to be approved? Can I make something else? Thank you very much!


Nothing is missing, you just need to wait for the Council to approve this.

cc @marketingdao-council

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Ok! Great! Looking forward the other @marketingdao-council to respond! Thanks

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Since this is already approved by 2 council members, I’m happy to move forward with this proposal as well. Looking forward to clearer requests in the succeeding months!