[PROPOSAL] Art for Lynkfire Slots



The Clan has a lynk hub, that centralize all the tools and links of The Clan DAO. And each app slot asks a image. So, since the beginning we choose and displayed the NEAR NFTs of some artists of the community. We rewarded each one with 1 NEAR :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: for making beautiful our lynkfire!

:white_medium_square:Since then, the number of artists increased so much and we are very happy! So, each art used will continued to earn a reward in NEAR and will be in the lynkfire during one month.

We will create 10 squared slots at our lynkfire to behave like a digital gallery. Each month, the council will choose 10 art pieces from The Clan Store, to be showed at these slots, with a direct link to their NFTs. As the access of our DAO initiate at the lynkfire hub, we expect a good view rate. This could be expanded to other formats, and could be replyed from other DAOs as it generate engagement, and indirect exposition, by rts, stories, etc.

If you’re interested comment here! :relaxed:


Councils of The Clan



nice artworks, iam happy with Lynkfire. Thanks