[ApprovedProposal] VanDAO x NEARHub - Room Creation

What’s more exciting than the possibilities of collaborating in your own virtual environment? A place where you can feature projects, show off NFTs and hang out with the crew is my idea of what the future of websites looks like!

Welcome to the VanDAO HUB

Or should we call it the VanHub? Either way we have some really exciting ideas around creating a unique space for VanDAO to grow our metaverse presence and host activities, NFTs and more! Together with the NEAR Hub team we have been brainstorming on some cool concepts and imagining what this space would and could look like. And the ideas are off the hook!

Room Creation Proposal

This proposal is to help us fund the creation of a dedicated VanHUB Room on NEAR Hub. This collaboration between VanDAO and the NEARHub DAO will aim to showcase some of the new features of the platform and also become the dedicated Metaverse home on NEAR for all things VanDAO.

One of the things we want to do in the space once it’s complete is to shoot elements of the Rare Vandal Anthem Music Video, which is currently planned for production in mid to late February 2022 in collaboration with MetaVerse DAO.

Concept / Idea:

When speaking with @jefedeoro the other day we had an idea of creating a space with 2 floors. The top floor, a main landing area for people when they arrive acting as the “website” for Rare Vandal (www.rarevandal.com has been reserved) and the secret hideout - The Den of VanDAO - where we host member meetups, listening parties and/or other activities.

The idea behind having 2 floors (spaces) allows us to make one public and the other invite only, adding to the benefits of being a member of VanDAO yet not taking away from the ability to showcase the works of Rare Vandal.


I’ve worked out the details with the NEARHub team and I’m requesting the following amount to cover the initial costs of creating the Rooms for the VanHub. Any additional costs will be covered by the VanDAO.

Request = $3,000 (in NEAR)


We hope to being ‘construction’ early January and aim to have the space ready before we shoot the music video for the Rare Vandal Anthem in the middle of February 2022.