[Closed] Creatives dao’s moderators funding request for Nearcon II


Greetings NEAR Community!

This proposal to the community is to request for travel funding to NEARCon to support Creatives DAO’s Moderator Team of 4 in travel expenses, enabling us to successfully participate in this event, foster the collaboration between DAOs. This is also a chance for Creatives Moderators to meet, discuss & exchange in person with our fellows to get more insights of the ecosystem to better serve & continue creating value to the community.


Currently, we’re moderating Creatives DAO’s activities and taking care of more than 70 DAOs under Creatives umbrella in the ecosystem. Each individual has been proven a long time of commitment & contributing in the ecosystem before we are onboarded as Creatives DAO Mod. We believe that our presence at NEARCON will not only help us to meet, learn, understand each other, exchange ideas and work together better but also open more collaboration opportunities & help us serve the community better.



We have a team of 5 moderators, to whom 4 will apply for travel for the conference. Lea Arafah from brazil, William X from Vietnam, K from Filipines and Sahil from India. Paul Crans will not be able to attend, so he will not apply to support the tickets.

Diversity is a fact that unifies this group, and physically bringing these agents closer to the ecosystem will unfold more grounded for future collaborations and the exchange of knowledge that virtual lacks, is human warmth, the principle of new ideas.



*Sahil Massey ; _________ K ; _______________________William X ; _________________Lea Arafah

Reason to Attend conference -

Working as moderators for Creatives’ DAO, I’ve realized strengths and a few areas of growth for our community of 70+ DAOs that are funded on a monthly basis.

Creatives’ community ecosystem is creating art and collaborative projects on a NEAR based projects and is ever enthusiastic & ready to experiment with newer sides of blockchain, metaverse, NFT marketplaces and any opportunity which is new and creative.

A large sized community like ours requires more projects and Dapps to cross collaborate with and new and interesting projects require communities to test and use new products and dapps.

My goal is to reach out to as many projects as I can at NEARCON so I can bring about cross collaboration between Creatives DAO ecosystem and the projects looking for communities to use their services, living up to the second tenet as mentioned by Illia

More Cross collaboration of users with dapps and Services built on NEAR.

I’d like to take part in NEARCON with this intention being the driver.


-@williamx - WilliamX

Currently a council of Near and Music DAO (NxM), Founder & council of VN Artists DAO (VAD) & Creatives DAO moderator.

My objective on attending NEARCon is both networking with other fellow to open up more opportunities of collaboration and bridging Vietnamese community closer to NEAR with insights gathered thoughout the event. Besides, as a Creatives DAO moderator, this enables me to meet both new and old mods as a whole team in this transitional period, to fully discuss, comprehend & prepare for our moves in the NEAR future to help DAOs continue thriving.

-@blusw - Lea Arafah

Reason to Attend conference -

As an active member of the community since September 2021, I would like to join the event to see with my own eyes what the NEAR ecosystem looks like in Lisbon. As i am the co-founder of Nomad Label DAO, I would say that travel is a very important part of our labor through arts, humanities and creativity. From 2009 till 2014 i spend traveling the world doing Transdisciplinary sonic performances, and for a while i lived in Lisboa, there will be very nice to be back there, but now with the apparat of web3 tools, that will enable me to register my footprints as NFTs, not as a trendy product, but as artistic research, thats where my goal-oriented person soons like. The connect this abstract matters(philosophy around blockchains and arts) to a objective outcome, will be executing 3 artistic actions without asking payment for it:

-@kc_sollano - K

I am currently an advisor in the Filipino Artist Guild, one of the most active communities in our ecosystem, and guiding the existing councils with internal matters. I am about to turn a year old with NEAR - wearing several hats. Recently, I was one of the new five moderators under the Creatives Category.

My objective on attending NEARCon is not just to network with the other builders but also to seek ways that we may cooperate together on projects/initiatives and how it might help Creatives DAO become self-sustaining in the future.

We are hoping to carry out these actions with the team of Creatives Mods, both new and old ones, present at NEARCon. The community will then be given a report and database of these projects and dApps, enabling each DAO and guild to connect and support its individual projects in the most efficient manner.

In addition to this, I’ll utilize my councilship on the Onboarding DAO to welcome any newcomers to the ecosystem that we might run into, especially the creative collective given that we are the umbrella organization for it.

Where: Lisbon, Portugal


  • Travel Dates: 9th, 18th September 2022
  • Event Date: 11th - 14th, September 2022


NEARCon is the biggest NEAR event of the year where thousands of NEAR community leaders gather in one space from around the world. We believe it is important for established creative DAOs that have been operating on, supported by, and contributing to NEAR should have a presence at this gathering. While our contributions are vast, we feel that our presence in the NEAR ecosystem could be far greater and this a step in making that happen. Through this event, we offer the opportunity for different NEAR communities from varying background to connect, understand one another and learn about DAOs together.

Cost Break down:

  1. Air Tickets
Name Country of origin Cost
Cryptonaut - Sahil Massey India $ 1400
williamx - WilliamX Vietnam $ 1700
blusw - Lea Arafah Brazil / SAO PAULO $ 1600
kc_sollano - K Phillipines $ 1700
Sub-total $ 6.400
  1. Ticket : $296 x 4 = $1184

  2. Hotel, food, transporation: ~$100/day/person (Sub-total: 2000)

26,4 $ accommodation + 40 $ food + 33,6 $ transportation

Cost/day/person Number of days Number of person Total
26,4 + 40 + 33,6
100 5 4 $ 2000

Reference of cost:

Oasis Backpackers’ Hostel Lisbon Coliving & Cowork, Lisbon - 2022 Price, Reviews - Hostelworld

Cost of Food in Lisbon – How to Eat, Spend and Save in Portugal’s Capital – Devour Tours

Total request:
9.584 USD in Near

Target wallet:

Thank you!



This team deserves this! :fire:


A great opportunity guys!. Have a safe flight in advance​:blush:


All my support to you guys, especially to tita @kc_sollano. Good Luck and have a safe trip :slight_smile:


I hope this proposal gets funded — and also mine, so we can meet, work and exchange experiences together! :crossed_fingers:t4:


Great opportunity! I hope you get funded, for sure it will contribute to the creatives community growth.


This team deserves this!!


Seeing the community members and other proposals approved for NEARCon, I believe Creatives DAO mods also deserve to be present at NEARCon. :innocent:


Lots of support for this @blusw ! Hope the trip goes well!


My Last Hope:


9784,74 BRL = 1873,83 USD = 440 Near ±

Lets ask support for the community :wink:

Thanks for encourage @Cryptonaut @chloe @kc_sollano @adrianseneca