(Proposal to promote near and mintbase in music video and mint video on my mintbase store)


My name is Great uche Ngozi Lawrence, I use the stage name Great Lawrence, am a Nigerian singer and songwriter, released my debut single “Give you all” November 2020 and drop my second single “can’t go lost” Which won the best RNB single of the year @TNMA(Top naija music awards) 2021, I released my debut Ep “Genuine” which has 5 tracks January 2022 and my first official single of 2022 “Hold me” September 23. My songs are available on tamago streams (https://www.tamastream.io/user/Great%20Lawrence ) and other music streaming platforms (https://boomkit.me/great-lawrence/genuine ) and also available as Nft on greatlaw mint base store( https://www.mintbase.io/contract/greatlaw.mintbase1.near?tab=nfts&page=0 ) thanks to @IgbozeIsrael (lead Tne society ) for funding and guidance to be able to get my own store on mintbase.

Funding scheme: one-off

Total funding amount:$3130

Target: create awareness to 500,000 - 1,000,000 people in Nigeria and Africa at large

Immediately funds are received, the video shoot process starts and it will take two(2) - three(3) weeks for the video to be ready (from video shoot to editing to releasing) the video will be released on my YouTube channel and will also be minted on my store on mintbase.
The video will promote near and mintbase in three occasions (beginning, middle, ending of the video), reasons because anybody that watch the video must come across near and mintbase at least once(that is if they did not watch the video to the end) . At the ending of the video credits will be given to near Portocol and mintbase and a brief information will be written about near and mintbase.

After the video is released promotion will start, I intend promoting in two tv stations and social media ads(Instagram, Facebook and Twitter)During the social media ads the official handles of near and mintbase will be tagged so that it will increase engagement. The promotion on the tv stations will last for one(1) month which will grantee hundreds of thousands people watching the video and they will definitely know about near and mintbase cause it video can’t be fast-forwarded when watching from a tv station.

Importance/ impact

The brand presence on tv will increase people trust and credibility
It will Educate and create more awareness about near and mintbase to larger audience.
I have watched binance, octafx and luno and I went ahead to check them out.
In the video I will be minting an nft, this will show how user friendly and efficient minting in the mintbase is.

I will be doing the video with my latest single “hold me” (https://boomkit.me/great-lawrence/hold-me)


Video shoot= $1000
Tv promotion=
Hip tv - $930
Urban tv -$700
Social media ads
Twitter -$300
Facebook- $100
Instagram $100

Total = $3130
Wallet to be funded: greatlaw.near

@creativesdao-council , @Mintbase @marketingdao-council


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Good day, am tagging you so that you Will see my proposal. Thank you, looking forward to heang from you


Nice idea :bulb:. I’m a music video director. With our ideas together, we can make this project happen and achieve our desired result. Let me know, if you need further information

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Sorry, we do not fund the creation of music videos and similar.

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