Support for " AfroAstronauts DAO " On Mass Onboarding for Near and Mint Base Collectors/ Content Creators with projects progress and Unique Seling Propositions USPs"

Support for Afro Astronauts DAO, Our vision is clear and we want to create a transparent environment for Educating and Onboarding of Near users.

  • The team is currently decentralizing the music Industry in Nigeria and we have 2 Studio’s which offers free (Recording services) and also teach collectors/content creators on how they can record on their phones.(i.e Cubase and Fl Studio) and educate them on how to create Near Wallet and Navigate through Mintbase
    Google Drive: Sign-in

  • We are currently working on different series of podcast to educate Individuals on how to create a wallet with Near and make use of Mintbase to mint Nfts and teach them on how use the 3XR.SPACE which will be posted on various social Media Platforms.
    Google Drive: Sign-in

Finally we are planning to create a 24hour online Radio Space, So music recorded can be played on Twitter Space or Discord and we can use that medium to engage user’s to Near and Mintbase and it would be hosted by A male and a Female Nearians


Hey there, I requested access to the google drive links.

How can mintbase support here?

for the onboarding we can provide you with 0.5n to log in and mint & list first art, and then after that 1 n for them to buy another art piece from eachother.

i’d need you to provide a spreadsheet with all the links - like this: Para Maria Onboarding MuthaStore - Google Sheets

not quite sure about this ^ 200 near is a lot of money.You want to create content?

sorry, we do not fund solarpower, internet, phon, laptops, speakers and things like that.

Onboarding of AfroAstronaunts

Our Team would need your support for a Store and to create wallet for 33users to connect their wallet and Mint Nfts on Mintbase. And 0.5Near will be use to connect to a Store and to Mint and 1Near to buy any Nfts of their Choice.

This is my Spread Sheet: AfroAstronauts Redeem Accounts

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This is possible, yes. What is your telegram? I will send you the first links! Please change your original post and remove the things we did not agree on, and add the form and the onbaording process.

Telegram link