My name is Roxy (The Entertainer), I am one of the post-production and Cinematography Crew of the C1 Guild; I edited both the video and the pictures that were recorded during the C1 and Nxm Abuja Tour

I am directly involved in some of the artworks and visual contents posted by some members of the Ecosystem;

and I have also participated in different Bounties by different DAO, of which the Vertebra Logo Bounty by the CUDO DAO is in session

In my field of career as a web2 Music Video Director, I have shot music videos and visual contents for a good number of Artistes in the Nigeria Entertainment Industry, these also include Nigeria Celebrities as well.

The link below is a visual content I shot for Magnito and Bella Shmurda

I want to take this experience into the NEAR web3 Ecosystem and onboard alot of Nigeria Celebrities, as many as possible.

For the Episode One of the project, we would start with Magnito. A Nigerian Rapper/Celebrity who has 354,000 Followers on Instagram
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and 76.7k YouTube Subscribers.

He is a well known rapper in Nigeria who has entertained the world through his comic lyrics and rap style.

In the project, we would onboard him into the NEAR Web3 Ecosystem, and have a one-on-one video interview session with him, where he would narrate to us how he moved his career from an upcoming rapper (with dreams) to stardom. The artwork of the interview would be minted as NFT under the NEAR Protocol, while the full video of the interview session would stand as unlockables after purchasing the Artwork.

-To onboard and educate Nigeria Celebrities about the NEAR web3 ecosystem.
-To create and activate their various NEAR wallets.
-To accumulate video NFTs that’ll be minted in the DAO Mintbase store.
-Their involvements would serve as a platform to reach out to millions of their followers and onboard them as well.
-To help us repost on their Social Media handle and enable us get more traffic to the $NEAR Ecosystem

The Artwork & edited Video NFTs will be minted with split revenue & royalty of 30% to the DAO wallet and 70% to the artist in order to help them experiment.

To achieve this, we need two Cameras, crew members and a female Interviewer to help us run the Interview.


2 Cameras Video Documentation =$300
Magnito Bounty = $300
Interviewer Bounty =$100
Resource Reserved to pay self =$200
Artwork =$100

Total = $1000

Including 0.2 $NEAR to activate his wallet

The Interview is to hold on 17th May;
Video Interview and Artwork would be available for minting one week after the shoot with the celebrity.

Cc: @Paul @Monish016

After Magnito, we intend to contact the likes of Patoranking, Falz, Zlatan and many more of his colleagues in subsequent Episodes. I have discussed that with him already.

Wallet for Project Payout:


Hi @Roxy i like this proposal but from the tag you are making this request to @NxM and not the DAO of the councils you tagged please clarify and make adjustments, I can help you with tag @Paul @Monish016 the councils of the NxM DAO.

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Oh… Let me take the immediate correction @Dedeukwu

Thank you for the clarification

After Magnito, we intend to contact the likes of Patoranking



and many more of his colleagues in subsequent Episodes.

I have discussed that with Magnito already, and he has volunteered to help.

Hey @Roxy
Thank you so much for your proposal, we believe that every single proposal was created with goodwill to make NxM a better community. Unfortunately, your proposal wasn’t accepted after council review. We appreciate your input and thank you for engaging with us. You’re welcome to submit your request in the next funding round.

Also, please be informed that this proposal exceeds a little NxM scope, as for onboarding initiatives, we have Onboarding DAO, where you can submit your proposal.

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Thank you @Paul

I appreciate greatly. May be I should tag the onboarding DAO