[PROPOSAL] Studio Dance with African Costumes, for Dance DAO

Proponent: @Styleherbalist

I’m Ojukwu Johnson, a fashion designer, a fashion event marketer and a creative costumier… Based in Abuja, Nigeria but I’m from Abia state… Born and brought up in the city of Aba… Is an honor to start my first project with Dance DAO.

Project Description
This project is all about capturing Africa unique dances. Onboarding some dancers to the near community and creating an incredible costumes for them to dance with. we will record and take some pictures of them in their incredible costumes.

During the project, the Dance Group will be decorated in African cultural costumes. Using Africa cultural Dance to Showcase African Culture through the costumes they are wearing’ The photos and pictures will be minted DanceDAO store on mintbase.

I will not only Onboard the dancers, I will also Onboard the crew that worked with me.

This project will be posted on social media platforms, creating mass awareness for the community and attracting talented users who will build on Near.

This project will also be an avenue to create lovely arts, to be minted as NFTS. We will also capture dance steps and moments.

Obs… I will also include Near and Dance DAO’s logo in pictures and videos.

Target Wallet: styleherbalist.near

Project Mentor @FabDab

Project Time: June 2022

Project Objectives
Creating incredible African Costumes for a Dance Group and Onboarding them on Near Community.

Total Budget: $500 in Dai
:heavy_check_mark: Creation of Near wallet for Dance Group $5

:heavy_check_mark: Costume Production $200

:heavy_check_mark: Photography at Studio Afrik $100

:heavy_check_mark: Video production $100

:heavy_check_mark: Team bounty $95

Costumiers: @Styleherbalist Login • Instagram and St.Rayzenah Instagram.com/St.Rayzenah

Dance Group: TODA https://instagram.com/official_toda?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

videography: @Roxy Login • Instagram

Studio renting/production: Studio Afrik https://instagram.com/studioafrik?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

*Project Distribution

:heavy_check_mark:Minting on Dance DAO Store

:heavy_check_mark: Releasing

:heavy_check_mark: Reposting


This is an amazing project and your designs are awesome! Wish to see it happening and this project approved, best regards!


Thank you so much, together we will grow this community

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