[Proposal] Tamago & Friday Meetups on Tama Island

Project/Council Members: @coyotefugly @DJ_JG @NicholeA

Target: tamaisland.sputnik-dao.near

Introduction: INTRODUCTION to Tama Island DAO

Total Requested Funding Amount: $1,000

Projects & Timelines:

These Friday meetups are a social event that takes place on Tama Island in the NEAR Hub metaverse. This was Tamago’s first venture into hosting live music/networking events in the metaverse as a way to build community around the platform with artists and supporters. At these meetups, we host a DJ duo who call themselves U.N.I. and they play a 2 hour set and live stream into the Island.

They partnered with us in December and began streaming a two hour set into Tama Island, hosting and shouting out the Tamago project, and making it an immersive experience by adding their presence into the environment. Tama Island is a space where people can engage and get a sense of the community Tamago is organically building, introduce their creative work and see how they might get involved.

Anything else the Creatives DAO Council should know?

We have seen immense growth in the enthusiasm and support of Tamago as a platform but also as a means for artists to get involved in the Web3 space. Patrons from these events have become top of the charts artists on Tamago, as well as hosts for our other weekly events. The goal is always to empower creators and bring their creations to the forefront for music and art lovers to enjoy. We would like to compensate U.N.I with $250 per performance, for 4 performances a month. We would greatly appreciate support from Creatives DAO in this endeavor. We’ve had massively positive community feedback.

Thank you!


The Tama Island Team

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Hello @NicholeA , just saw that you tagged me in telegram.
The current system for DAOs to apply for funding is to create a monthly proposal for the DAO including all projects. It seems like you have several individual projects, so I would recommend including them in an overall project and propose them in May as the monthly funding round runs until the 7th each month. I see that these were submitted some time ago but there was no activity since.

Just linking in some feedback that I gave on a previous proposal Tamago that may have been missed:

@ted.iv Hello. We originally submitted this proposal and were asked by @adrianseneca to separate them. Please advise us the best way to submit these as we have done it both ways now. Thank you.

@NicholeA Yes, so the best practice is to have individual topics for all of the projects and then an overall budget for the month that you are applying for funding. It might help if you take a look to how some other DAOs lay out theirs so I will leave some examples below and also a link to the new guide on the process. Happy the help with anything else

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