[Proposal] Tamago & Tama Island DAO - Open Mics Events April 2022

Project/Council Members: @coyotefugly @DJ_JG @NicholeA

Target: tamaisland.sputnik-dao.near

Introduction: INTRODUCTION to Tama Island DAO

Total Requested Funding Amount: $600 ($150 per event)

Projects & Timelines:

Tamago’s weekly open mics on Tama Island are great avenues for building community & exposure around the music, sound, art, poetry, and diverse artistry of our ecosystem. These events have occurred weekly on Tuesdays at 2 PM EST for the past 6 weeks, and we would like to begin compensating artists for showing up & showcasing their work in the metaverse as hope to encourage each other’s creations!

Going forward, we are asking folks to submit their Tamago tracks to our sign-up form using the link to their track, and we will cue up these tracks in a playlist to share in the metaverse, giving the participating artists a chance to get real time feedback and support from a live global audience. These events have bred a lot of improvisations and collaborations between musicians and poets, inspiring others to perform, freestyle, speak on their web 3 passions and projects, and generally foster good will and mutual respect between the patrons of these metaverse events/main participants in our Telegram channel.

Using these funds, we would like to send $NEAR rewards, NFT rewards, and eventually $TAMA when our token launches. This will encourage artists to sign up to perform consistently, make them feel valued for their time, and help them feel more invested in the platform as they build a profile and following through tamastream.io. These bounties will be sent after each open mic for the artists who submit their Tama upload to be played and enjoyed by all. We’ve had massively positive community feedback.

Thank you for your consideration,

The Tama Island Team