[PROPOSAL] Start Creating Digital Fashion Workshop and masterclass for Near DigitalFashion Dao Season 0.2 - July 2023

In line with our Dao goals and after we successfully conducted the first season of our digital fashion workshop and masterclass we found it necessary to hold another season of the workshop but this time it will be a three days workshop and masterclass.

Here is the report of Start Creating Digital Fashion Workshop and masterclass 0.1

This 2nd season of the workshop and masterclass will be a three days event. These will enable us welcome more participants and enough period of time to interact,sensitize and teach them on the tools needed to create digital fashion designs.

Project In Detail:

Start Creating Digital Fashion Masterclass and Workshop season 2 is inspired by the Dao Roadmap. A 3 days Masterclass and workshop for fashion designers and craft makers, during the Masterclass our speakers will lecture participants on Near Protocol, it Ecosystem, the uses of it DApps, Digital fashion art as a wearable NFTs and its future in fashion industry, benefits of web3 over web2 in this digital art revolution. On the workshop section we will train them on how to use web3 digital fashion tools like CLO, Amazing designer and DRESSX, and as well onboarding them into Near Ecosystem.

Our major aim of this workshop is to engage a lot fashion designers and craft makers as possible, guiding them in getting used to Web3 Ecosystem; as well as to teach them about $NEAR and onboard all of them.


  • onboarding not less than 20 new fashion designers/craft makers
  • Sensitizing our participants about Near Protocol, the uses it DApps and the benefits of web3 over web2 in this digital art revolution.
  • Creating at least 20 digital fashion arts as wearable NFTs from our participants trials and take home assignments that will be minted on our Dao mintbase store.

Project Budget : $1,400

  • ITC hub/workshop venue for 3 days $300

  • Graphics designs for publicity $100

  • Printing of fliers/invitations and 2 banners $200

  • Trainers/instructors bounty for the 3 days $350

  • Video documentary $200

  • Logistics and Refreshment for the 3 days $200

  • Social media ads/publicity $50

Target Wallet : styleherbalist.near

Project Time : 14th - 16th July, 2023

Cc. @creativesdao-council