[REPORT] Start Creating Digital Fashion Workshop and masterclass for Near DigitalFashion Dao, September Edition

Greetings everyone @creativesdao-mods this is report of Near Digitalfashion Dao WORKSHOP project [APPROVED] Start Creating Digital Fashion Masterclass and workshop for NEAR DIGITALFASHION DAO

Project Status COMPLETED
Start Creating Digital Fashion Workshop and Masterclass was held in Aba, Abia, Nigeria. It was a wonderful experience to see our participants happy and so grateful to NF for bringing such an eye opening workshop to their door step through Near Digitalfashion Dao… We had 10 registered participants and Two Facilitators, which happens to be me @Styleherbalist and @Hadeeart who happen was also onboarded after the workshop.

The 2 days workshop and masterclass happened on the 9th and 10th of October because we have to wait until we receive funds.

After the 2 days workshop more than 10 people was onboarded into the community and 10 Near Wallets was created

After the workshop, each of the participants were able to create a Digital Fashion designs on their own with the besic knowledge the learnt… So in totally we had 10 digital fashion designs as wearable NFTs which are yet to mint on mintbase because the DAO $2000 Funding Request was on a very tight budget for the DAO, we couldn’t include 6Near required to open a Store for the DAO in mintbase… So we will include 6Near for Near DigitalFashion Dao mintbase store on our next funding request when creatives Dao is fully resumed… And all the wonderful designs by our participants will be minted…

This is link the some of the thrillers we got during the workshop on our Dao YouTube…



All thanks to @creativesdao-mods moderators for their support… We are grateful and we can only get better…