[PROPOSAL] Sowing Seeds - Monthly Artistic Residency - Niamh McGuinness

My name is Niamh McGuinness. I am a visual artist based in Cork city. I have been previously involved with the Garden Collective making sculptures and decor for their live events. I am new to the Near Ecosystem. Here is a little bit about myself, my work and what I am proposing for the residency.

I work primarily in textiles and sculpture. I am deeply passionate about textile processes, both traditional and self developed… My current work deals with Irish mythology, ecology and cultural identity. Recently my sculptural installations have consisted of soft sculpture forms with moving elements such as flowing liquid that change and alter the work over time.

The work I am proposing for this residency will be 5 GIF like pieces. These will be short moving images of some of the ‘live’ aspects of my sculptural installations and textile processes. Mainly this will be liquid moving on and interacting with cloth sculptures. They may also be depictions of some of my textile processes such as ripping and stitching.

For examples of my work please view my instagram and vimeo;

Thank you for your time and consideration.