[PROPOSAL] RU Community Guild

RU Community Proposal

The goal of RU Community is to educate the Russian speaking community about the NEAR Ecosystem, provide support to all ecosystem projects with Russian localization (Announcements in the beginning), to increase awareness of the ecosystem, and to enable more local guilds.

We plan to work closely with local communities and empower them to create their own guilds. We will handle the operational burden and reporting that comes with Grant application for NF by requesting some additional funding from NF (on a case by case basis) so we can fund local guilds and help them to succeed.

RU Community started on Apr 7, 2021and operated with a total funding of 3,000 NEAR since then.

We spent 2,303 NEAR from rucommunity.sputnidao.near (full list of transactions) and 297.66 NEAR from yulian.near for translations (2,600.66 total).

RU community has been working closely with NEAR and Aurora and continuously support localization for websites of both orgs. In addition, a number of AMAs with popular Russian speaking communities have been arranged by guild.

Current scope and achievements (since April 2021):

  1. Russian language localization
  • Near.org - russian localization
  • Aurora.dev - russian localization
  • Ecosystem Announcement translations
  • RU translations chat for NEAR ecosystem representatives created
  • RU chat for translators created, ongoing translators onboarding process
  1. AMAs in Russian speaking communities
  1. Highlights of Past Activities:
  1. RU Community stats:
  • Growth

    1. April: Telegram +582 (+42% growth); Twitter +113 (+32% growth)
    2. May: Telegram +351 (+18% growth); Twitter +481 (+102% growth)
    3. June: Telegram +298 (+13% growth); Twitter +323 (+33% growth)
    4. July: management change; didn’t aggregate the report
  • Posts

    1. April: Telegram - +34 (more than 300% compared to March); Twitter - 41 (more than 170% compared to March)
    2. May: Telegram +24; twitter +50
    3. June: Telegram +17; twitter +37
    4. July: management change; didn’t aggregate the report

*you can access more informative reports on Notion for April, May, and June.

DAO: SputnikDAO

  1. Upcoming initiatives
  • Global retweet campaign with composable NFT rewards for out supporters
  • Offline hub maintenance (Kiev). This will be a 4 people office where NEAR Collective and community will be welcome to hang out or work from. Currently Yulian, who represents Ru Community, NEAR, Aurora, and Cypherpunk Guild, is located in Kyiv.
  • Monthly webinars in Russian with guilds representatives
  • Offline events in Kiev - join us or stop by to say hi!
  1. Our channels:




Localized content distribution (stats only from near.ai dashboard):

Please see this document for requested amount with a detailed breakdown. Below is a screenshot from a doc.

RU Community team: @zavodil @rasfies @Vladislav_vl25 @yulian

Please let us know if you have any questions about the above proposal.


Great work, impressive results, amazing report.
RU community is definitely one of the most influential and effective guilds in the NEAR ecosystem. Very glad to see the new ambitious goals and objectives of the guild, which I am sure will be achieved.


cc: @illia @erik.near @Grace we submitted a request for $NEAR part of the funding here (we requested $NEAR based on $4.94 token price on CoinmarketCap). Please let us know if it is possible to get funding in stablecoins as well.


Great Work…
Results are Pretty Impressive…
Best Wishes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Good morning!
Dear Yulian,

  1. What the reason to have the hub in Kiev? Who are other 3 people ? Are you sure that you needed $2000 for your offline office? Probably, mistake.

Average price for a small office in Kiev ~ $2500 .

  1. Couldn’t find any information about future monthly reports. Will you publish them here?

Thank You and have a great day!

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thanks for your comment @Dacha.

  1. Yes, regarding the office. We are looking into a co-working space called Creative States in Kyiv. There are 2 tiers here for the smallest office - $2,000 and $2,500. Latter one is just fancier, has a couch etc. However, entire space is great and has quite a few crypto companies in here so it’s great for networking. In addition, within last month @illia @zavodil @alex.shevchenko were here and it is always good to have a place to work from. Hopefully, more NEAR Collective members will be stopping by in the future and we can create more visibility for NEAR Ecosystem here.

  2. Yes, we will be publishing future monthly reports. We can post them here, not a problem. Good catch.


Thanks for this post @yulian I appreciate the detail of the report. I hope more Communities could use this as an example of reporting. I am super excited about having a hack space in Kiev. We have received interest from the Ukrainian Community to meet in a NEAR hosted place.
Keep up the good work! I will be voting to pass your proposal.


@yulian I just realized that the Marketing DAO vertical does not have sufficient funds to cover the proposal. They have already reviewed and gathered the payout they will fund. Since there is a request for running a hub, I will suggest you submit your proposal to the SputnikDAO - Next month you can break down the expenses marketing vs non-marketing.


Thanks, @Grace, I will submit it now. Can you let us know if it is possible to request some stablecoins (USDT/USDC)? If not, I will convert that part to $NEAR as well.

I submitted the proposal here SputnikDAO for $NEAR part. If stablecoins are not possible, I will create an additional request. Let me know and thanks in advance.

Hey, it’s NEAR only at the moment. Keep an eye out for Astro (SputnikDAO v2) :eyes:

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Noted regarding stablecoing. Coordinating with @shreyas and @chloe on process for applying for Kyiv hub and receiving payment in $NEAR


@JMaenen @ross @jcpacion @starpause @norah.near @jake could you check this proposal and vote for our request please. It is time sensitive, we prepared a lot of content about Hackathon for marketing push together with our media partners.

Could someone tag nearlove.near, infinity.near, p3ter.near and matth.near as well please.

Thank you in advance.

This has been duplicated in the MarketingDAO (reasoning here)

@jcatnear @satojandro @cryptocredit @norah.near please reject the MarketingDAO submission

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Wow, great feature. Another one way to be on 100% transparent.

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