[Approved] RU Community Guild (Managing + Activities) December 2021

RU community has been working closely with NEAR and Aurora and continuously support localization for websites of both orgs.

Recently, we’ve been trying to work closely with our ecosystem projects, we translate and publish news about many projects.

We also hired two moderators in November 2021 because our Telegram is growing and we need people to help newcomers.

October 2021

November 2021

The most popular articles on Medium(October, November).

The Boca Chica Mars Edition project team is pleased to announce the launch on the NEAR network - 893 views
AURORA IDO. How can you buy tokens? - 3700 views
Top 10 Metaverse, Gaming, and NFT Projects Building on NEAR Protocol - 507 views
Overview of the most popular projects for farming, as well as what new projects we can participate in thanks to Aurora - 438 views
Growing NEAR’s Ecosystem with Decentralization - 198 views

Telegram: Contact @near_protocol ](Telegram: Contact @near_protocol) chat 5147 subs
Telegram: Contact @near_ru ](Telegram: Contact @near_ru) channel 2501 subs

https://twitter.com/near_protocol 5806 followers

Payout: rucommunity.sputnikdao.near

1245 in $NEAR

RU Community team: @zavodil @Vladislav_vl25 @Al-DYOR @Bond!

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Tagging the @marketingdao-council

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Great job guys. Going to support it.

  1. Fantastic work with community; 24/7 service,
  2. The best source of news about Near Ecosystem and instant translations into Russian;
  3. On a 100% transparent guild,
  4. DAO transactions BOT, all payments visible for community,
  5. Tons of collaborations with other guilds and projects.
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Thank you for your kind words.
But eight days and silence…

@Dacha is part of the MarketingDAO Council now, so this was addressed 2 days ago.

I’m happy to move forward with this so long as there are no objections from the other Council Members


Sure, I am waiting for approval to submit a proposal to the DAO.

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One more time.

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Please do note that the NF had taken the 24th Dec - 3rd Jan off, so there may have been some delays. This will be voted on this week.

Hope you had an awesome new year!


Can you please create a DAO and ensure all future funding requests for the Guild go to that DAO address rather than a personal one, please?

This is the address of the Russian Guild DAO, I do not receive payments from the Marketing DAO to a personal address.

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My bad, mixed it up with another proposal’s payout address :ballot_box_with_check:

My proposal was before 24.
Or am I wrong?

I was just looking at a different proposal when I made that comment

It happens, it’s okay, we’re all human, we all make mistakes. :wink:

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Have voted to Approve :+1:

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Super, But it needs someone else from the consuls to make the vote complete…

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