[Approved] RU Community Guild (Media Partnerships & Influencers) April 2022

The goal of RU Community is to educate the Russian speaking community about the NEAR Ecosystem, provide support to all ecosystem projects with Russian localization, to increase awareness of the ecosystem, and to enable more local guilds.

We need the following funding to further our work in promoting NEAR.

I also made a reports showing what they have done for us.

Our reports for March and April:

We have launched a massive competition for Youtube videos, which is already underway and participants are taking part in it.

Soon we will sum up the results of the contest and reward the participants, but we are also waiting for the payment to the purse for which consuls voted and have not yet been sent to us. [Approved] RU Community Guild (Media Partnerships & Influencers) March 2022

We also encourage our Influencers who make useful material. You can see in the April report by examples of channels: Double Top and CryptoLamer.
The guys made the content themselves and we decided to incentivize them.

Payout: rucommunity.near
Owner: Vadim

$540 NEAR ($6,200 // NEAR~11,5)


Outstanding work during three (almost) years. Glad to see how the group has become a friendly place, uniting people with web3 thinking.

Happy to support.

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Thanks for the proposal from a great long term team.

Also happy to support.

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Thank you @marketingdao-council
I would like to point out that we still have not received payment.

And we need it to reward the participants.

Dear @mecsbecs could you please put your attention here? Thank you.


Hi @Vladislav_vl25 - there is no entry in my admin back-end for this payout. Please complete a Google Form entry for this payout per the Community Payout Process. A reminder that a submitted Google Form is required for each payout request otherwise it won’t be processed.


Thanks, I wrote to Vadim about it.


Hi @Vladislav_vl25 – can you clarify for me whether this proposal is for work completed in April or for future work? Thanks!

We usually pay upfront to Influencers, but since the proposal process takes time, we use our funds with the DAO.
If there wasn’t such a time lag from applying to getting NEAR, it would all happen in advance or on time.
That’s why we do a detailed report every month, to show how and where the money is spent.

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Happy to support this – moving it to approved – you can submit your poll to Astro

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Thanks Lorraine, i will do it. :blush:

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Reminder: the proposal gets approved in USD. The NEAR Foundation will automatically calculate the NEAR equivalent on the day of payout, if you choose to receive payment in NEAR. Alternatively, you can now also request to be paid directly in a range of USD Stablecoins.

There is no need to submit new/separate proposals if there are fluctuations in price of NEAR, Council won’t be able to make up the difference in case payment is received in NEAR and team/project do not sell, incurring in future losses.

Thank @satojandro, that’s why I always make a proposal and put a price in $.
Both in NEAR at the time of application and in USD.
Optimally, it would be if it would be USN in the future. :wink: