[Proposal] World of the Abyss (WOTA) Game on NEAR x Humanguild

The Goal:

NEAR Protocol implementation (NFT, P2E, Tokens, etc.) for our World of the Abyss (WOTA) mobile MMORPG. Game development.

The Game:

WOTA is a mobile MMORPG with real-time PVP battles anytime, anywhere directly on the multi-level map at any location (500+ players at any location). You do not need to register for special locations in order to fight for the title of the best. You can sort things out right here and right now!


•Real-time PvP battles anytime, anywhere directly on the multi-level map at any location (300+ players at each location).
•No-auto-battles - only hardcore and players’ skills.
•Unique “karma” system (good/evil = PvP vs PK).
•Simple crafting.
•Easy to change the type of the hero - just grab a specific weapon.
•Complete conquest of locations
•No excessive player management.
•Focus on users’ live interaction.
•Unique in-game economy based in blockchain, NFTs, P2E, Tokens

Other features:
•Olympiad system. Dungeons. Clan wars. World bosses, etc.


  • Platform: IOS/Android, Mac. In future: Xbox One/PS4/Win/ and higher.
  • Monetization: NFT, P2E, F2P, In-apps, Subscriptions, Battle pass
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Segment: Hardcore
  • Setting : Fantastic Medieval with Magic and Horrible Monsters
  • World: Multi-level Abyss
  • Engine: Unity
  • Art-style: Low-poly, Cartoon

Video: WOTA promo - YouTube

Development stage:

We have fully-playable multiplayer Pre-Alpha version with tutorial and one main location (full Alpha is to be ready in Dec 2021).
You can play latest version on iOS (iPad/iPhone) available @ Appstore & Apple Testflight.
(please send us your constructive feedback, so we could improve the game)

The Team:

We are a distinctive international team aimed at creation of an advanced and top-quality MMORPG with focus on real time interaction. We pursue very ambitious goals, do more with less people, yet satisfying the highest standards for development that only a few top-notch companies could do.

Our team consists of highly specialized professionals with extensive experience in developing online games. Since each member of the team is a top professional, we demonstrate higher level of commitment and cooperation that enable us to quickly complete assigned tasks. We are good at tasks distribution within the team and set realistic deadlines. Our workflow is supported by a thoughtfully developed action plan.

We are going to implement NEAR protocol and reach Soft Launch stage by May 2022.

For detailed company/project/game decks, feedback, questions, investment/partnership proposals please reach us at bdev@worldoftheabyss.com