[PROPOSAL] World of the Abyss Web3 MMORPG (Wotaverse DAO)


DAO: WotaverseDAO
Council members: wota.near drook.near jurius.near
Guild Name: Human Guild

General project information:

World of the Abyss (WOTA) is a mobile MMORPG focused on real-time players’ interaction with Web3-component based on Near protocol (Play & Earn mechanics, minting, owning and trading NFT-items (gear, loot boxes, pets/mounts), P2P NFT Marketplace, DAO Clan governance, etc).

General data

The Game

  • At the beginning of the game, events start in a small single tutorial location where a player learns the basic game mechanics. Then he gets to a huge online location where he has an opportunity to interact with other players and can either become allies with them or fight them. From this point on, a player is free in his actions to explore the world, upgrade and improve his game character and outfit, kill monsters, bosses, and other players.

  • The main location consists of several parts, each of which is unique and not similar to the others. The transition to another location can only be made from the previous one, so players need to find passages and move to more dangerous places and get more valuable trophies, as they upgrade. Premature transition to more complex locations is hindered by monsters whose level would not allow a weaker character to pass through them. Thus, all the players are balanced on the locations in terms of power, so that they can compete with each other equally.

  • Players’ goal in the game is not only about completing various quests, but about achieving self-realization, wealth, fame, self-improvement, etc. Thus, there is no linear goal in the game, and each player sets his goals and priorities for himself. The game is designed specifically for interaction, and with the help of regular and voice chat, players can easily communicate with each other.

  • Thus, a player is immersed into another life, where he can find new friends, enemies, communicate with people from all over the world on any topic, thereby opening up almost limitless opportunities in all senses. Also, players can jointly pass special temporary locations, kill bosses, fight in groups, trade, create clans and capture territories.

  • For massive PvPs, we added a class system. But you don’t need to create a bunch of characters to try out a new class. Instead, you can try a unique class changing system that we created.
    The game is completely on start free-to-play and you can become a top player without any in-app purchases or buying NFTs, only by developing top skills, winning PvP/PvE battles, looting, passing quests, etc. There is no need to buy anything, mint NFTs or pay any fee to start playing the game. So the game is open for broad audience independently of any conditions. This will enable us to open a huge stream of Web2 Free2play and Pay2Win MMORPG players that can be easily marketed and onboarded to then be smoothly converted into Web3 players on NEAR.


World of the Abyss (WOTA), originally conceived as a free-to-play game, has a game mode with Web3-functionality based on NEAR blockchain protocol.

F2P/Web2-players still can enjoy playing the game according to their expectations and will not be pushed to become Web3-players, however, WOTA will be subtly making F2P/Web2-players aware about the option to discover benefits of the Web3-functionality. This strategy will result in smooth Web2>Web3 players’ transition and will boost mass adoption of blockchain/GameFi.

NFT items

NFT weapons, armors, jewelry do not fall from the killed players, it is also impossible to sharpen, craft and increase their rarity as with regular non-NFT items.

Their performance characteristics like the attack speed for PvP/PvE content, the chances, and the power of critical hit, etc., could be increased by NFT PvP currency (see Currency section for more details) and stones, which fall from other Web3 players (players carrying NFT-items), when they get killed. These stones fall from the killed Web3-players instead of their NFT-items. So Web3-players never lose their

NFT-items even when they get killed, until they wish to sell them on the marketplace at Celestial Island.

NFT-items can be sold only on the marketplace. Players cannot pass NFT-items onto other players bypassing the marketplace.

Legendary, Epic, Unique & Rare NFT-items with special performance characteristics, are indestructible, and do not fall from players when they are defeated.

Play & Earn

NFT-items can be sold and purchased on the NFT-marketplace at Celestial Island. The marketplace will be integrated and operated by a 3rd party platform - Vorto Gaming, which will legally accept fiat and crypto currencies for payments and payouts to players.
We are also developing NFT-mounts/pets breeding mechanics to play and earn with.

Most of the profits will be re-invested in Web2/Web3 marketing to increase the customer base and boost Web2>Web3 players transition and mass adoption as well as to support Play & Earn economy.

Social & economical impact

We do not limit access to WOTA by buying NFT-items, hero or pass. The game is fully accessible for everybody both in Free2Play and Web3 modes at any moment.

As it is known most of the games are sustainable, because of the in-app purchases wealthy players and ‘whales’ are making in the game.

By applying smart combination of Web2+Web3 models there will be a positive social and economical impact on all players:

  • Free2play Players who cannot afford spending money on in-app purchases or who want to earn by playing the game will be actively playing, farming gear and minting equipment things in NFTs to sell them on p2p NFT Marketplace (Celestial Island).
  • Wealthy Pay2Win players will be enjoying supremacy by spending their money on in-apps buying gear, skins, etc. as they usually do. A significant cut of these profits generated by this revenue stream will support Play & Earn economy, token price, etc.
  • Then, when they realize that NFT-items are much more powerful, unique and also undestructable (could be bought only from other players who previously farmed, boosted and minted those items in NFTs), they will be more than likely to convert to Web3 players so they could buy NFT-items from other players on p2p NFT Marketplace (Celestial Island). This will enable players be interested in Play2Earn to make sound earnings, while WOTA’s cut from those transactions will be supporting Play & Earn economy, token price, etc;

So the above setup will:

  • push both wealthy and less wealthy players to convert to Web3 players, supporting the Play & Earn economy, while WOTA is distributing wealth evenly, making everyone happy;
  • increase users’ interaction and profound socialization on all levels.


Another positive feature is true democracy provided by smart DAO mechanics.
In Web3-mode all clan members vote whom to invite and which roles to assign to clan mates. Roles have weights in the clan. Once the clan members are assigned with roles by their clan leader in F2P or roles assigned through voting in Web3, they are entitled to receiving the share of the clan’s profit, the voting rights for F2P (in Web3 the voting rights are granted to clan members by default), so, for example, all people in the clan with roles can contribute to the decision-making on how to utilize the resources by voting.

Clans can rent off their land to other players or clans and receive the rent payment Gold or Crystals, the rent payment goes to the clan’s treasury and a clan leader (F2P) solely decides how to utilize these funds.

In Web3-mode clan members together decide how to use their resources.

Impact on NEAR ecosystem :
As we are going to use mostly resources and traffic outside NEAR ecosystem, the impact will be significant:
Growth of NEAR users base due to:
- Transfer of Web2 players to Web3 NEAR users by promoting Web3 mechanics
- Transfer of P2E players from other protocols to NEAR Protocol
- Transfers of investors/speculators from other protocols to NEAR Protocol
NEAR ecosystem education
The project itself is a good showcase of application of Web3 mechanics in gamedev for other studios and teams.

GameDev Roadmap:

Detailed Roadmap

We have a cool team of highly qualified, expertized and energetic professionals with experience in developing game projects.

We started as a small team consisting only of a few members. For now, we have 16 team members including us as co-founders/management team.

Max Bondarenko - founder, CEO and main dev team lead. He has more than 10+ Gamedev, 3D Design Animation experience, as well as mobile apps marketing and ADs. He also ran his own AR/VR company called Mad Moil Co. for 2 years.

Yuri Shtepo , co-founder, CFO/legal - 20+ years of entrepreneurial and corporate experience in various areas: project & ops management, finance, business consulting. Developed business & financial models and consulted for multiple companies and start-ups. Launched companies in the areas of manufacturing, business services and online therapy.

Ilya Kulebyakin - BizDev/Communication/PR/Fundraising, 13+ years of business development experience in various areas including gamedev and blockchain industry; ​3+ years of management, marketing, production & events organization, experience at TastySound Records music label, ​3+ years of online community management & PR experience.

We have a very professional development & marketing team consisting of 13 people including: Unity developers, 3D/2D/UI/UX designers, Game & Narrative designers, 2 marketing specialists including SMM & crypto marketing, and even HR recruiter to get the best team members at the best conditions.

Actually we cover almost all of our needs with a current team and support we receive from our partners.


For now we are building very close and practical relationships with NEAR Protocol, Human Guild, Vorto Gaming, TENK DAO, Paras, Play-on-Near and some more in a process of establishment.

Our Request:

We request funding with a grant for development runaway & completion of implementation of Web3 mechanics on NEAR protocol.
During that time we will be actively preparing our documentation, increasing retention metrics and continue searching for investors/publishers to obtain funding for marketing boost by the time of global release.

Funding Scheme: One-time

Requested Amount: US$ 30000 equivalent in NEAR

Target Wallet Address: wotagame.near