[Proposal] Reuasable NEAR projection surface for use with AR projector

Who We Are ?!

Audiato is a newly founded group of passionate musicians and technologists. Providing high quality streaming and virtual event services to each and every person regardless of location. Based only on passion and quality.

As artists, promoters, and music-technology enthusiasts we’ve been developing an escalating array of audio-visual shows with inspiration from nature as “Sense You All Live.”

Our transformational purpose is to inspire the community of technologists, and creatives in ignoring barriers to creativity and creation itself. We use an abundance of play; Improvization, randomization, technology and imagination. We’ve successfully executed on shows in the past and plan to continue scaling this passion project. In past lives we were producers, promoters, and always crazy.

The NEAR structure will be rentable, mintable and deployable for an array of artist ventures. Limits are only the imagination.


YOLO Proposal

We propose, as a starting point for future innovation to manufacture a Circular Surface and using the NEAR logo to create an object that is mapped in 3D using an Augmented reality Camera / Projector combination. (See exhibit A).
In support of the marketing goals of NEAR as described on forum.
In conjunction with the various communities and NEAR platforms.
Sense you All will use an appropriate background material to perform a custom LIVE and improvised audio-visual show in conjunction with custom artwork.
Broadcast across media platforms & recorded: Destinations include:

  • CryptoVoxels Venue (Designed by Vandal, DAO Records - NXM Guild Leader)
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Mixcloud

This is part of our ongoing effort to support artists through NxM Live and involvement with the community. We have started a low cost, accessible service and this NEAR design executed with an industrial designer has almost unlimited applications artistically.

An artist from the NEAR ecosystem can mint an appropriate NFT on PARAS/Mintbase as “Proof of Attendance” of the first show.

  1. Branding can be incorporated into the custom projections. See this video for an example from “Q2” an NxM Live (NEAR Guild) production with 9 artists across 4 continents.
    Q2 Presented by NxM Live, DAO Records and Sense You All - YouTube

The structure can be utilized by the community virtually or as a physical projection surface.

Thank you for your support YOLO Dao

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