[Proposal] create music project and call it NEAR

Just i have idea to create for trial way
Studio music project like NEAR protocol music band

  1. Make album 7-9 own songs about NEAR, create youtube ch

2.make desing cover information

3.making website NEAR protocol music project (?) with all links to near.org or direct promote NEAR, cause in some countries u cant promote crypto

  1. Making 2 video clips

  2. promote it

For this step its only studio project and online work
If sucess we going to next step call musicians for practice songs to perform and

  1. Create music shows (or only one show in some city we can decide) in any part of world

I can produce songs and clips and take care about all steps it takes 2-3 months of work

Lets discuss if u feel it interesting
Thank you



I want to make NEAR promotion to show more people about it with beauty and kindness

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No problem thank you

Hello @Dacha why are you making such of a statement, there is something I don’t know yet ?

Waiting for a song about relationships between Swine guild and Ozy. How to east get money if you familiar with NF people

Also this comment does not encourage people to share ideas

You’re probably in a wrong place man.

This is an open place to share ideas and then later, with some democracy using DAOs, we will approve or not, if “we all” think that the idea is good… if worth it to be executed and will generate value to the NEAR ecosystem then will be approved or not.

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Thank you for warm words @FritzWorm

I think we need to be respectful to all guys

Everybody can make mistakes in life they can be changed too

My way respect , kindness and love to all you guys :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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Haha , freedom to speech man . It’s how I see it. I have 6 months experience on the forum.

Defamation that causes harm to reputation is a tort and also an exception to free speech.

How to east get money if you familiar with NF people. Lol

→ FAQ - NEAR Forum

  • Be civil. Don’t post anything that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive, or hate speech.
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Couldn’t find any offensive or abusive. Only facts, man.

Could you please show me one democratic DAO here? May be Venezuela DAO with 3 councils and closed access to new members in the DAO? :joy:


Why you didn’t include new members in the DAO?

May be Crypto Beer?


Why I can join in the DAO as a member? Democracy?

Why not every team member of this project in the DAO?

We have 2 weeks of real creation, take it easy Dacha. You are taking this conversation emotional. You made a mistake being rude with @dmitryne and is good for you to understand it.

Thanks for your hard work as contrallor. :rocket:

Misleading information. Probably, you don’t know, but I helped to him got his money from Transform Guild, connected with couple people from Near and more, more others.

We have 2 weeks of real creation, take it easy Dacha.

Are you seriously? You teach people how create DAO’s and still don’t know how to create “democratic” DAO?

Initially, at the creating moment your DAO is not democratic. Members cannot vote or create proposals.

Let me se it to you

  1. Create new DAO
  2. then choose “Cooperative”
  3. then click on “Democratic power” , “Flat structure” , “Open proposals”

And now compare with your DAO. It doesn’t meant
2 or any weeks creation.

I can’t say cheers to you sorry :blush: I strongly not associate Near and cheep alcoholic beverages.

Stay healthy.

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Guys @Dacha @FritzWorm
Restepct and love u both , lets stop please :hugs:


Dacha, people can make mistakes right ? Take it easy my friend.

Also, I can’t find why this DAOs are not democratic, we are just starting DACHA, things can’t be made in one second, it is step by step. Again, if you want we can have an AMA session.

Stay healthy and happy :v: :cowboy_hat_face:

Can you feel the energy
I don’t know about Authority
You got the power to make your creation
The beauty of Virtual reality

It’s the age of decentralisation, every man should find the wisdom within
I could learn
But only when I teach myself that I can grow

The future is NEAR!
Better wake up if you sleeping

The future is NEAR!
Better wake up if you sleeping

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