[COMMUNITY FEEDBACK] Regional Community DAO v2.0

Hello NEAR community!

We appreciate the feedback gotten on the previous post here. It has helped to bring us this far.

A few things we have noted and we proceed to call on the community to tell us how you feel.

Should all core team members of a community verify KYC?

  • Yes, all should verify
  • No, only the community leader is enough
  • Two or three people should verify

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What should be the minimum time spent within the ecosystem for a leader who wants to start a NEAR-based community in their region or country?

  • One year
  • Five months
  • Experience in building a community should be key

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Should community members who are actively involved in the GWG be allowed to be council members?

  • Yes, what matters is experience and trustworthiness
  • No, they should not

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How long should the tenure of DAO council members be?

  • Six months to allow rotation
  • One year to allow them to work effectively
  • Let their tenure be subject to community feedback. When any council member is found wanting, he/she should be voted out by the community.

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Details of the draft are here for all community members to read and make comments

Based on the votes on the last poll collected, this strategy is asking for community members who would want to help oversee the DAO council selection to step up by indicating below this post for identification. Two such people will be selected.

However, the community is involved in deciding who is made an RC-DAO council member
This means that the selection process must be decided by the community 100%

Thanks for your feedback so far, and we look forward to more.

Thanks to all who are making this a success.

Get ready for a community call by next week.

Join the telegram group for further brainstorming. Telegram: Join Group Chat

Do have a wonderful weekend.



Hello community!

It’s been FIVE days we have had this polls here to get community feedback on how to best make the RC-DAO work.

We are glad to have received this great response.

Given the polls made so far, we are having a call to action call tomorrow THURSDAY at 4:30 PM UTC

We call on the community to join this call as we move to the next step

Link to the call is found here

For those who did not receive the call invite, here is the link to the call.

See you all on Thursday

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I’m available to take responsibilities for this. Please what’s the next step?

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Just want to duplicate here my opinion about KYC for ALL core members of the guild, long story short, I don’t see any reason for decentralized DAO become CEX and do KYC for ALL members:

In regard to the KYC process for our Regional DAO, I believe that having one person from the team who has successfully passed KYC should suffice. There is no need for every member or core member to undergo the KYC process individually.

It is my opinion that it is logical for one individual to take on the responsibility of funding and grants. This individual should be the one to undergo the KYC process, write proposals, and ultimately take responsibility for the management of the funds.

Furthermore, we have already implemented a requirement for guilds to be at least one year in the community. This significantly reduces the risk of rug-pulling as we have a better understanding of who we are dealing with.

In the past, noname individuals with Twitter/Telegram accounts full of bots have been able to raise grants for 2-3k and then disappear with the funds. However, I challenge anyone to show me a case where a member of the community who has contributed significantly to our community has taken funds and failed to fulfill their obligations.

Currently, we are experiencing issues with the payment process and the KYC requirements for our community. Specifically, the payment process is taking a considerable amount of time to complete, and the KYC process is becoming increasingly demanding with each iteration, requiring more and more documents each time, which is concerning.

I would like to provide feedback on the KYC process for our community. I do not believe that it is necessary for each core member to undergo the KYC process. Implementing such a requirement would not necessarily protect us from fraudulent individuals or double grants. Instead, it would make the grant process more complicated and time-consuming.

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