[Proposal] Reggaedao monthly Funding June to August 2023

Greetings to the Creatives Mod.
We are glad to submit our proposal for the month of June to August 2023



Total Requesting Fund $3900.

1st Activity :- Reggae Near Mixtape

Second Activity:- A Content creation about Near Ecosystem,

About ReggaeDAO
ReggaeDAO has been in existence since February 2022 and since then, the community has grown on all front, including creating a website.

The vision of ReggaeDAO is to use reggae as a tool to reach the patois speaking populace of the world with Near Education, encourage their participation and facilitate the growth of the ecosystem.

What the community is like:
The community is a community of reggae loving people whose target is to reach the parts of the world with Near Education Where reggae music is heard

What we are trying to build:
A system of communication and expansion of the Near Ecosystem using Patois to target areas of the world Where Patois is being spoken.

Why team is best for the funds:
@jahzonemusician with @LordKenny79 @OfficerLehLeh_01

In the past approved proposals, we tried to make use of members of the ecosystem for most activities and those who were not members before were onboarded And wallets were also created.

Also, to keep The DAO functioning even after the funding was paused, we carried out quizzes which kept the dao participating.

We have at different times shown our desire to be a part of the growth of this ecosystem even when at some points our proposals weren’t approved, we still worked on in-DAO.

The team has been together since the inception and together we have been responsible for the growth and development of this DAO.

We have shown that we can both work together regardless of the occasional in -house disagreements and our achievements is evident below
Achievement information of the DAO

Creation of a Patois-Near Website

Minting of tracks from 2 DAO Albums

On boarding of a Star Headlining OAP, who has more than 50,000 listeners everyweek

Daily growth of ReggaeDAO social media
Telegram 1

Website 1




Music (Reggae)

The impact we are about to make is to create a community of patois speaking people and make them functional through engagements, bounties and Minting of NFTs and eventually grow the Near Ecosystem in the region where these people originate from

Another aim is to facilitate DAO to DAO collaborations.

Road map April to December

Registration as LLC or Legal Wrapper

Creation or a multimedia outlet both in Nigeria and Cameroun to enable self sustenability

Onboarding of verified artistes and MCs and their fans through live events.

DAO Management :- $600

Total funding request :- $3900 in DAI.
Wallet :- reggaedao.near

Council members:-

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This is cool :sunglasses:… Big ups man

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Taging the @creativesdao-council for more visibility, :heart:

They have seen it since the first day you posted.

Results should be out this week I believe. Also @Jahzonemusician , can you remove my name and community Calls POAPs from this proposal?

As I am no longer a council member, it would serve no purpose, thanks and do it ASAP.

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Ok breden thanks for the update , hope you are doing fine?
I just did right now bro

Yes king.
Thanks so much.

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Hello ReggaeDAO crew.

Can you please update your target wallet to a DAO address to ensure this proposal follows the CDAO Charter? Thank you!


Ok am on it already sir , thanks very much for the update, done already

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