[ Proposal ] Reggae Near Mixtape June - August 2023

First activity
Hello CreativesDao Council,
We wish to propose an activity of music recording bounty called ReggaeDAO mixtape volume 3, which would involve 7 artistes and 7 producers.

This is to facilitate DAO to DAO collaborations between singers and music producers.

There would be a call for auditions of artistes worldwide and 7 artistes and 7 producers would be chosen for the music recording exercise which would see us make use of Mintbase for the release.

Number of participants: 15
Payment per participant: $100
Total Budget: $1500
Timeline: May to July

The essence is to make records about the ecosystem, mint and make them evergreen.
Thank you.

Reggaedao Council members :- @Jahzonemusician

You can check out


Its a cool concept … One of a kind

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Just a few questions to help make your proposal clear to the entire community.

  1. Where will the songs be minted?
  2. Who are the artists and producers?
  3. How will the event be done? Will it be an open call on social media?
  4. Any links to your previous minted works for people to see and listen?

Thanks, thanks

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The songs would be minted on mintbase and Tamago
The artistes are ecosystem artistes which would be picked in form of a bounty
It would be an open call on social media


It is a superb proposal.