[Closed] Reggae Dao Monthly Funding for the Months September to November 2023

Background Information of the DAO:

Greetings to the Creatives Mod.

We are glad to submit our proposal for the month of September to November 2023






Total Requesting Fund :$4750


Meeting attended by the councils but no PAOP was given as proof of attendance for couple of weeks now.

Background Information of the DAO:

ReggaeDAO has been in existence since February 2022 and since then, the community has grown on all front, including creating a website.

The vision of ReggaeDAO is to use reggae as a tool to reach the patois speaking populace of the world with Near Education, encourage their participation and facilitate the growth of the ecosystem.

What the community is like:

The community is a community of reggae loving people whose target is to reach the parts of the world with Near Education Where reggae music is heard

What we are trying to build:

A system of communication and expansion of the Near Ecosystem using Patois to target areas of the world Where Patois is being spoken.

Why team is best for the funds:





Reggae Dao council members are set of talented and dynamic personalities that have been in ecosystem for a while now and have added their own quota to the development of the ecosystem at large.

We have council ambers from different African countries in order to come together to shared ideas and to put together our pool of knowledge for the sole purpose of uplifting the near ecosystem.

@jahzonemusician - jahzone.near - jahzonemusician on.near.socia is a versatile reggae musical thinker with high knowledge of reggae music. He has anchored many reggae show/ events in Cameroon and has much recognition to his credit… He is also the founder a Reggae Dao and he has been running the community smoothly since the emergence of the Dao.


@OfficerLehLeh_01 - lehleh.near - OfficerLehLeh_01 on social media is a wonderful reggae talent form Nigeria with a very high skill in reggae composition and performance. Officer LehLeh has done well in the Nigeria music industry by having an album to his credit and other singles too which has been minted on mint base for total enjoyment.

Below are the job done by OfficerLehLeh_01:

Babylon To zion by LehLeh via

@audiomack https://audiomack.com/lehleh
















@LordKenny79 – Lordkenny.near

Lord Kenny is a big wig among the AOP in Nigeria. …Has been hosting reggae radio programs for more than 10years and he has more than 50,000 weekly listeners and also, he has been onboarded already since last year and he knows what the Near Ecosystem And since then he has been contributing immensely to the growth of near ecosystem through his unique patios way of style.

Lord Kenny in the Studio 1

Lord Kenny on Facebook

REGGAE TIME Reloaded Wid LordKenny | Facebook


@hayyhux19 :

Obanikoro Ayomide Samuel is a music writer (expert), an artist and a pianist … He has been a member of this great and wide family (Near ecosystem) since early last year . He was a formal community moderator at burlesque dao and he has participated in different bounties and won some prizes, he has been using his all to spread the gospel of near and impact near and he is ready to do more

Social media handles:






I’ve have completed my “I am a human verification “ and I have a profile on near social

Near social link


Aryorsammy hayyhux​:studio_microphone: (aryorsammy.near) | Near Social

A lover of classical musics … :heart:

How we work:

a. Management of social media

b. Organization and Coordination of events both on the metaverse and real life

c. Distribution of bounty prizes

d. Onboarding of new members and creation of wallets

e. Moderation of events and bounties for authenticity and impartiality.

Road Map to Reach the Goal:

Registration as LLC or Legal Wrapper

Creation or a multimedia outlet both in Nigeria and Cameroon to enable self sustainability

Onboarding of verified artistes and MCs and their fans through live events.

Procurement of a IRL musical space and equipment

Hosting of the first all African Reggae-NearCon which will attract reggae loving people all over Africa

Achievement information of the DAO:

Creation of a Patois-Near Website

Minting of tracks from 2 DAO Albums

On boarding of a Star Headlining OAP, who has more than 50,000 listeners every week

Daily growth of Reggae DAO social media

Creation of 200 near wallets for Reggae Dao community member.

And also we have added these achievements too:

Telegram 1: Telegram: Contact @ReggaeDAO

Website 1: reggaedao.io

Twitter : https://twitter.com/ReggaeDao?t=qUB0pG05PTvr-TkaYMYDbA&s=09

Instagram: https://instagram.com/reggaedao.near?
igshid=NTc4MTIwNjQ2YQ== 1

Minted jobs: The job done under the staple of Reggae Dao is to make records to elevate to positivity about the ecosystem, mint and make them evergreen
This is a collective contribution of artistes and producers to contribute creativity in the genre of reggae and to expand the ecosystem in the same.

Big M - Spiritually Fit (Prod. Big M) by opennxm.mintbase1.near on Mintbase

Boy Chula - No Worries (Prod. SK The Alternator) by opennxm.mintbase1.near on…

DJ Ankaara - Realest Badman (Prod. Soni Chill) by opennxm.mintbase1.near on…

Jahzone - Begining (Prod. Wizzow) by opennxm.mintbase1.near on Mintbase

Scarman Baba - Bondolo (Prod. Mubzy) by opennxm.mintbase1.near on Mintbase

This is a collective contribution of artistes and producers to contribute creativity in the genre of reggae and to expand the ecosystem in the same.

Dao milestone for Proposal:




In the past approved proposals, we tried to make use of members of the ecosystem for most activities and those who were not members before were onboarded And wallets were also created.

Also, to keep The DAO functioning even after the funding was paused we carried out quizzes which kept the Dao community participating.

We have at different times shown our desire to be a part of the growth of this ecosystem even when at some points our proposals weren’t approved; we still worked on in-DAO to keep the goals and objectives alive.

The team has been together since the inception and together we have been responsible for the growth and development of this DAO.

Genre - What category does your DAO fall under?

Reggae music



Mixed media

In the past approved proposals, we tried to make use of members of the ecosystem for most activities and those who were not members before were onboarded And wallets were also created.

1st Activity :- Reggae Near Mixtape

[ Proposal ] Reggae Near Mixtape September - November 2023. Creatives

We propose an activity of music recording bounty called ReggaeDAO mixtape volume 3, which would involve 7 artistes and 7 producers. This is to facilitate DAO to DAO collaborations between singers and music producers. There would be a call for auditions of artistes worldwide and 7 artistes and 7 producers would be chosen for the music recording exercise which would see us make use of Mintbase for the release.

Number of participants: 14

Payment per participants: $100 ($50x2)

Total Budget: $1400

Timeline: September to November

The essence is to make records about the ecosystem, mint and make them evergreen.

Thank you.

The songs would be minted on mintbase and Tamago

The artistes are ecosystem artistes which would be picked in form of a bounty

It would be an open call on social media

Expected outcomes:

Introducing the web3 world under the Near Protocol to Musicians and Music Producers around the World.

Compiling all recordings and uploaded on Reggae Dao website.

Attract creatives into web3 through ReggaeDao website.

Increasing the numbers of Near users by gaining new entrants through the publicizing the event on social media.

Production of 3 music NFTs for 3 best content created after all.

Songs will be launched & performed on the MetaVerse
Opening new wallet for new entrants and make it function by using it to get the prizes they won by participating in the contest.

Minting all jobs done on Mintbase for royalties to be generated.

Expanding the ecosystem by uploading and added the tracks to playlist on Tamago.

Artistes will also promote their songs on their platforms, and will perform it individually on stage.

Videos will be made individually on tracks produced, uploaded on YouTube with Near logo in order to be access worldwide.

Second Activity:- A Content creation about Near Ecosystem,

[Proposal] A Content creation about Near Ecosystem September - November 2023 .


This proposal for content creation in Patois for three months; June to August

Proposal Summary

Recently, we have not been funded for several projects which we carried out and duly reported after which we see an increment in our community activities, participation and engagement, especially form the targetted area.

Consequently, we wish to continue with

A. Content creation about the Near Ecosystem in Patois.


a. There will be 3 posts a week both on instagram, twitter and Facebook on Patois about updates and information about the Near Ecosystem.

b. There will be content creations which would be videos only in which people would be directed to make video contents about the Near Protocol where they:

i. Share their stories in Patois

ii. Explain basic contents in Patois (those ones that havent been explained yet in Patois)

iii. Engage with social media posts

Values to the Near Ecosystem

The following are the anticipated values to the Near Ecosystem:

i. Promotion of Near Awareness in the Caribbean region and to all reggae loving people

ii. Increased engagement and participation

Iii. Wallets creations

Iv. Onboarding


How do we measure success?

We measure success based on results achieved through a process and the folowings are what we intend to achieve.

Expected outcomes:

a. Creation of new wallets through bounty for content making and onboarding of new people

b. Increase of our social media pages

Twitter: 500 New Followers

Instagram: 500 New Followers

Facebook: 500 New Followers

Near social 100 New Followers

The contents created too will be minted on mintbase.

Timeline: September to November

Total requested funds:

1500usd in DAI

Breakdown of funds

500usd x 3 for content creation in Patois (1500usd)

Total: 1500usd for 3months

Third Activity:

Near Reggae Night with Jahzone and Friends

Project Summary:

Free Reggae Concert for all reggae lovers and more

Educate and spread the gospel of Near to the spectators and the community through education and workshops.

Stating how web3 and Near can be answers to financial difficulties in our world of today.

Evaluation about Near after education via question and answers from the audience and participants to ensure assimilation

Main goal:

Onboarding at least 150 active users

Creation of wallet for all onboarded users and make them active users by engaging them and make them participate in Daos activities.

Assimilation and educating onboarded users on how to be active, what to do And benefits of Near

Venue: The venue to be used will be a well conducive environment that can accommodate many people to be taught on near ecosystem.

The event will be fully covered and uploaded on the Reggae Dao Website And absolutely minted on Mintbase with all exclusive rights with forever royalties to be shared adequately according to the sharing formula. Thank you.

Expected Attendance: 200

Expected outcome:

Introducing the web3 world under the Near Protocol for Musicians and Music Producers in Cameroon

Increasing optimism in the world of entertainment and music by highlighting NEAR as a promising technology.

Elevate Reggae Dao’s/Near existence in the reality.

Create near wallets for prospective creatives and ensure they transact with the wallets through minting of NFTs and participation in bounties when they finally joined the community.
Publicize Near to the visitors and musicians who are present to bring their music, for us to offer it to become NFT Music into Reggae Dao on Tamago and mintbase.

During the show, there will be Near Educational talks to introduce and enlight the audience about Near Ecosystem, the use and the benefits in it in the financial world while gift will be shared to the audience that participate well when asked questions.


Guest Artistes:

Blaise B Sings :

Me. Leo:



Log into Facebook

Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know.


Dj on Set: $100

Rentage of good sounds instruments $150

Conducive Event venue $150

Incentives for 3 invited guests artiste $150

MC $50

Banner with near logo/Flyers $100

Reggae Dao Customized shirt ($20x5): $100

Video coverage & production: $150

Gift to the Audience: $100

Miscellaneous: $50

Amoumt: $1100


Reggae Dao monthly Quiz/Trivia:

This proposal is to ask for Near funding for a Trivia Quiz on Telegram. This is basically aimed at gearing and stirring up the community interaction within the family to rob minds and educate ourselves on the knowledge of Near, reggae music history and legends as Reggae music is more just a genre of music.

This trivia will contain 20 questions asked over 10 days which will be division of 2 questions per day 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening.

Expected outcome:

Increase the number of members

Member’s presence in the community

Broaden your knowledge and understanding of Reggae music

Additional creation of new wallets from new members

Improve the community Interaction.

Budget, Terms and Conditions:

First Position: 20 straight correct answer earns $20

First Runner up: $15

Second Runner up: $10

Fastest finger $5 ( $1 - 5 times)

Amount: $50 x 3 Months = $150

PROJECT1: Recording Bounty


PROJECT 2: Content Creation in Patios


PROJECT 3: Near Reggae Night with jahzone and friends


PROJECT 4: Reggae Dao Quiz


DAO Managements:

(Instagram/Twitter/Discord/Activities & Mobility Managements):

jahzone.near $200

lehleh.near …

lordkenny.near $200

aryorsammy.near $200

= $600

Total Amount: $4750

Target wallet: reggaedaoout.sputnik-dao.near

Wallet :- reggaedaoout.sputnik-dao.near

@creativesdao-council for visibility


Tagging the @creativesdao-council for more VISIBILITY :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


They already see it bro. Results of proposals are usually out on the 15th of every month


It’s all well … The energy is just for the positive movement.

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looks good Creatives DAO


vinod69 … Thanks bro, we look forward to a favorable outcome


The proposal received a score of 7.83 during the evaluation process, while a minimum threshold of 11 points is required for approval. If you would like to gain further insight into the evaluation, including specific comments and feedback, please review the [Report] CREATIVES DAO SEPTEMBER 2023 REPORT.
With that said, I am closing this proposal.