[PROPOSAL] Purchase of Visual Studio Props & Set Designs for Thespians DAO Studio Space

Hello Community…

We appreciate the work the NF and Creatives Moderators have put in place to get Creatives going and to keep building.

Within August and September, we requested for a payment to rent a space for Thespians DAO’s Audio-Visual Studio; where we would be creating massive contents for the promotion and awareness of NEAR Ecosystem; ranging from Film Dramas, Radio Dramas, Jingles, Commercials, Skits and Vodcast:

We are glad Creatives Community saw the necessity for this Audio-Visual space and gave us a go ahead.

Due to pause in funding, we were a little bit behind in the plans we had for our Self Sustainibilty, and massive set up and use of the Audio-Visual Studio Space; but as the saying goes… It’s better late than never!

Let us take some time remind us of the dream we have in the final set up of the Thespians Audio-Visual Studio Space:


The Sitting Room Scenes:
We will be leaving the largest part of the Space for Sitting Room Scenes and set ups during our Film Dramas. This part of the Studio Space could also be used in creating contents that have to talk about activities going around on the NEAR Ecosystem.
We would also be creating Picture NFTs here.

images (15)
The Bedroom Scenes:
We will have two rooms allocated for Bedroom Scenes for our Film Productions. Every other contents that require to be acted in the bedroom(s) would be done in these two spaces. Actors and Actresses could also change in these rooms before, during and after productions.

images (17)
The Audio Production Boot:
We are going to have a room specially designed for Audio Productions. This includes recording of Radio Dramas, Scoring for our Films & Stage Dramas, Making of Sound tracks and Making of Music NFTs.

This proposal is to enable us set up the “empty” space to the “standard” that will be necessary to enable us start shooting Film Drama NFTs and many other Thespians DAO documentaries/contents.

Like we stated before, this will save us alot of money in renting shooting locations and sets in “years” to come. It is what we will do once and forever, helping the Thespians DAO in their pursuit to Self Sustainibilty as we won’t have to spend money on Film Drama set designs.

For clarification, due to the budget at hand, this proposal will take care of the “Visual Studio” set designs and props. In our next proposal, we will request for the setting up of the “Audio Studio”


2 beds settings - ($300x2) = $600
Sitting Room Cushion - $500
Tv - $360
Tv Console - $250
Dinning Set - $360
Full Visual Studio Curtains - $480

Total - $2,550

Wallet Address:

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