(PROPOSAL) Project Near & Me

Project Near & Me is an innovation birthed out of the need to educate and expose curators - Music producers, Music artist, Fine Artist, illustrators, programmers, writers, photographers, videographers in Nigeria educational institution, to the numerous opportunities embedded in web 3.0 Eco system. In Nigeria, it is discovered that many successful content curators started their career while on campus, see below list of Nigeria celebrities that started their career path on campus

Wizkid: He attended Lead City University where he studied International Studies and dropped his single at 200 level which brought him to limelight in 2010.

Darey: He studied music at the University of Lagos State (UNILAG). He also spent some time learning at the Music Society of Nigeria (MUSON). While he was in UNILAG, he spent many of his nights performing in night clubs in Lagos and at some other cities in the South-West.

Don Jazzy: The prolific music producer and C.E.O of Mavin Records attended Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, and in his first year he began his career as a music producer.

Therefore it is very important to capture this category of talents (our target audience), expose them to NEAR Blockchain and its importance as we navigate towards the web 3.0. Project Near & Me will bridled this gap, embark on programs that brings the target audience together, expose them to creation of wallet, minting of NFT and many more. Project Near & Me shall commences its operation from institutions (Universities and Polytechnics) within the South West, Nigeria.

Our Goal
The main intention is to onboard youths already trending their career path in creative and tech industry - Music producers, Music artist, Fine Artist, illustrators, programmers, writers, photographers, videographers and many others interested in content creation . This is important to NEAR, because it is a way to bring the Curators into NEAR Blockchain, in order for them to produce Blockchain products, as NFTs.

Focus Areas:

Mass adoption and creation of NEAR wallets.
Exposure to opportunities in NEAR protocol for target audience

Increase NEAR protocol brand awareness and community growth.

Blockchain Education for every category of target audience who are newbies to crypto currency.

Teaching on how to mint content (songs, books, illustration, photography) as NFTs
Continue further training via telegram / discord group

Target Audience:

Primary: Students of Music Department, Fine Art Department, Mass Communication Department and Computer Science Department

Secondary: Other student on campus who are content curators but does not belong to the primary class

Tertiary: People living in nearby community who might likely see our promotional materials (flyers, banner) and get attracted to the event.

First Project:

Project Near & Me will be holding its first series (V.1.) at the renowned Polytechnic – Federal Polytechnic Ilaro, Ogun State in April. The event is scheduled to commence on Sun 9th April, 2022 with the aim of hosting and on boarding at least 60-100 participants.

Event Modality:
(1). Onboard everyone on venue into the ecosystem —create them a new NEAR.Wallet. And send them an activation token of 0.1N to enable the wallet to be active. Also, gift some Near to selected 3 participants to mint their first NFTs

(2). Mint curators content (Artworks, photographs, songs) as NFTs in the C1 store and auction house respectively including videos and photographs of the event.

(3). Educate the participants about the NEAR web3 ecosystem and its potentials.

Budget of this Event:

April Suit hall/ Venue - $120
Media (videography and photography)- $250
Advert materials (Digital handbill and banner) - $100
Deejay equipment and fee- $100
Wallet activation token - $108
Team Bounty - $150

Total in USDT= $828
Total in NEAR = 76.49 N