Introduction near-protocol nigeria( npkguild)

Nearprotocol Nigeria is The First regional guild in West African comprising 14 members made up of mostly undergraduate and some currently doing their post graduate programmes. The guild currently is 11 months old with Nearprotocol and currently lead by @damboy22 .

Other members of the guild includes

The team currently is made up of diverse talent from various social works of life. From content creators to translators to community managers to marketing managers, Graphic designers and currently we have two developers who have learnt RUST and assembling script and are currently working on how to provide solutions to Nigeria issues via blockchain.

Guild sputnik DAO: npk-guild-nigeria.sputnikdao.near


  1. Increase awareness of Near blockchain and its usecase in solving problems currently affecting Nigeria as a whole

  2. provide Education and resources especially to upcoming developers who see blockchain as a solution to tackle emerging problem globally

  3. provide a favourable atmosphere where companies/platforms can have direct assess to manpower knowledgeable on how to build on NEAR

  4. provide resources which can be used to equip Nigerians to build on NEAR

  5. create an environment where Developers can come together and See NEAR as a solution not just for casual use

  6. Create Dapps which will benefit Nearprotocol, Nigeria and Blockchain as a whole

  7. Create a favourable environment whereby Artist, graphic designers, musicians and anyone can promote African culture via NFTs


  1. create achievable goals which will either be accomplished monthly or quarterly

  2. create a sub-guild of developers who will build on NEAR to provide solutions that is Nigeria and African based

  3. create a sub-guild of Talented Artists of various forms which will be focused on creating NFTs which will promote Africa especially Nigeria Culture.

  4. create contents and translation of various activities and manuscript which will easy those who wishes to onboard on NEAR.

  5. create Infographs and graphics to spread activities going on in NEAR ECOSYSTEM

  6. Host both offline and online events targeted to get investors, developers and Artists of various form into the NEAR ECOSYSTEM

  7. Build on relationships and partnerships in Nigeria cryptosphere

  8. manage NEAR Nigeria communities both on Telegram, twitter and YouTube

  9. Increase partnerships, onboarding projects and people


Achieved SO FAR

  1. Nearprotocol Nigeria as successful created and translated content totally 40 in Number which has posted on various blogging site such as lightblocks, Dittocoinnews and currently we are using our medium page

  2. Have a telegram community of 1000+ members, a twitter community of 500+, YouTube subscribers of 1000+

  3. Successful hosted KANO|HACKNODE which was us have a registration of 300+, attendees of 140+ and those that streamed it live up to 50+

  4. creation of a sub-guild for developers and Artists still ongoing

  5. Partnerships are coming in and news will be available soon.

You can reach out to us especially if you an African or Nigeria interested in providing solutions via NEAR blockchain either as a developer, artist or investor.

Telegram group
Twitter page


Currently Nearprotocol Nigeria BUILDERS SUB-GUILD has been formed.

This is the first official group created by Nearprotocol Nigeria to bring those interested in building on NEAR both Developers, Technical content creators and NFT artist of various Forms.

If you are interested in joining



  1. Create a hub for Developers to come together and think on solutions that can be built on NEAR
  2. Deep knowledge into NEAR to provide technical content for new startups wishing to build on NEAR
  3. Training and Education of new developers and NFT artist
  4. Education on opportunities present on NEAR as an Artist, motion picture artist, musician, graphic designers
  5. Thinkers of new technology
  6. Teaching and recruitment of Top notch developers
  7. create a HUB of raw talent that can be recruited by startups any where in the world

Wow that’s wonderful, I am proud of NPK guild.