[PROPOSAL] Philosophical Conversations (2nd edition)

Our goal is to support a famous philosophy channel that promotes debates with thinkers from different areas (scientists, artists, writers, among others) and from different lines of thought.

the project: Conduct four interviews with scientists, philosophers and/or artists on topics of interest to The Philosophers DAO through the Philosophical Conversations Channel coordinated by Caio Souto. There will be one interview per week and each interviewer will receive 75USD (300USD in total) in NEAR or DAI (whichever is more convenient for the DAO). Caio Souto will carry out the interviews and the pre- and post-production process (dissemination, reporting, etc.) and will receive 200USD in NEAR or DAI (whichever is more convenient for DAO).
Interviewer Caio Souto has a PhD and a master’s degree in philosophy, with teaching experience at all levels of education in Brazil and articles published in Portuguese and English. The speakers are all titled and with renowned knowledge, working at universities inside and outside Brazil. Among the interviews that are already taken place, the guests are located in all regions of Brazil, in addition to countries such as the USA, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Spain, Portugal, England, France, Poland, Japan, Russia, among others.

benefit/justification: The main objective is to conduct interviews with researchers from the most diverse areas that enable the wider circulation of scientific knowledge, critical and consistent thinking. We believe that the Philosophical Conversations Channel (with more than 15,500 subscribers, 600,000 views and more than 600 interviews in two years) can help us spread the NEAR ecosystem and significantly increase the number of onboarding. NFTs of the videos will also be made.

expected results
Based on the results achieved by the previous videos posted on the channel, it is expected that each of the interviews will reach something between 100 and 300 views in the first week, and that this number could grow to 1000 views or more in a year.


Week1: Set schedule, contact the speakers, make social media art

Week2: Share and invite public

Week3: upload, mint and share

Week4: upload, mint, share and report.

Subtotal: 500 USD


Here is the interview with me at Youtube videos in higher quality.


Project Report - September/2022

Project Status: Completed

Project Timeline: September 20th ‚Äď October 4th

Project Accounting:

As a reporter, I have attended and recorded 4 events promoted by The Philosophers DAO. I‚Äôve edited the resulting videos and posted them on the channel on YouTube called ‚ÄúConversa√ß√Ķes Filos√≥ficas‚ÄĚ (Philosophical Conversations) (Caio Souto - Conversa√ß√Ķes filos√≥ficas - YouTube) with all the relevant information about them written on their descriptions.

Here is the list of the payments:






Here is the list of the events that I covered, with the links to the Youtube videos in higher quality: