Project Interviews in Academic Philosophy

Proponent: @elanmarinho

Near account for payment: elanmarinho.near

Project timeline: 05/04/2022 to 26/04/2022

History :

The Project Interviews in Academic Philosophy is composed of periodic lives on areas of philosophy, such as Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Science and Ethics that will be registered on youtube and on the blockchain, by being registered as NFTs on mintbase. In addition, the project also makes peripheral areas of philosophy better known, such as Philosophy of the Laws of Nature, Neurophilosophy, Philosophy of Music and Philosophy of Physics. This project started in 2021, with interviews involving great philosophers from the academy. Lives are available on the Academic Philosophy YouTube page, organized by @elanmarinho

Objetive :

Disseminate areas of philosophy, its main questions, its main answers and its main concepts. That is, to make the philosophy produced in the academy accessible to those who are not in the academy and are in the web 3. Web 3 is known for hosting art, but we are now bringing the academy to the blockchain, to the common people.

Justification :

This project is essential for the following reasons: (1) it makes academic philosophy accessible worldwide and in the web 3; (2) it promotes a public place for the discussion of philosophical questions and it makes these discussions to become NFT; (3) it popularizes unknown areas of philosophy; and (4) publicizes activities of academic philosophers on NEAR blockchain.

Timeline :

Days April 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th – Call for philosophers recording of the interviews about areas in Philosophy, video editing and production of subtitles, by @elanmarinho

Project :

The videos will be made available on the Academic Philosophy project page, which can be accessed through the following link:

Budget :

USD 500 in NEAR – Prof. MSc. Elan Marinho, @elanmarinho, for organization the interviews, call for philosophers, recording of the livestream, video editing and production of subtitles.


4 published videos in Youtube’s channel Filosofia Acadêmica, the videos will also available through the youtube channel of The Philosophers DAO; 4 NFTs that will have NEAR sponsoring in the description, with the link for channel and a cover image (with the description linking with the videos) and with splits for the DAO at the DAO’s store: philosophart.mintbase1.near - Minter.

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Thank you so much for your project, @elanmarinho!

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