[Proposal Overview]Graff On The Wall

Hello there again Creatives.
I would like to Share with You Our Draft Proposal For the Next Graff On the wall this time it will be held in Koronadal City,Philippines.

As you can see Last month We start this Initiative of the Graff On the Wall where we showcase Real Graffiti Arts in Walls and Plywoods.

Here is the Last Proposal from Last Month.
Approved Proposal Discussion about the Graff of the wall Month of April
And here is The Report
Graff on the Wall Report, Held In Nigeria
Here are some compilations on thier Arts.
It was an amazing experience for the council and also to the Artist from the event last month.


And this Month of May we discuss and agree to Held the Event In Philippines, city of Koronadal.

As i was doing my research and meetings this past few weeks finally we settled some minor information and collaboration with the City Tourism department To fascilitate a Graffiti Art Event here in Our city.
As we discuss last week the Tourism department said that if this will be an event to all Koronadaleñeos,
They will be providing the walls for us for free and Help to promote using their facebook Page to onboard grafitti artist.

Base on my research on Graff on the wall From the previous Events here in our city,
Grafitti artist will paint and make grafitti arts max of 2 or 3 person per Art, and throwing tags in walls will finish in 2 to 3 days duration.
And because this event will supported by The Tourism Department of the City, we are expecting to onboard 10-15 artist or 15 Artworks in The walls.

And after the meetings and canvassing the Cost of materials and paints this is our Final Proposal for the Graff On the Wall for the Month of May.


Spray Paints- $5usd each x 50 cans assorted colors for everybody. $250
Acrylic Paint Bucket - $10 x 10 colors $100
White Paint Emulsion- $10 x 10 buckets $100
Roller with Tray - $5 x 15 artist $75
Brush Set -$5 x 15 artist $75

Transportation to site for the Whole duration of Event (Paints/Materials) $150
Vedio and Photography for the Artworks, Artist and Whole Event -$200
Foods and Waters and Snacks For Everyone $100

We are planning to purchased White tshirts for all the participants with a Graff base logo and Near Protocol Logo
Printed $150

Reward for all the Artist Who participated for This Event.
The Reward will be divided to all Artist Who Participate. $450

And also All participants will be onboarded into Near Protocol and graffiti Dao to become one of our official Artist in grafitti dao, this artist will be also working with us in the future projects for the cross collabs from other daos.

Total: $1650

Thank You Creatives and Godbless.


Hey @Ligaya , nice project proposal, and it’s great to see this being implemented in different cities. could you explain the involvement of the Tourism Department of the city? Thanks

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Hi @ted.iv Thanks For The Reply, when we Have a Meeting Last Month and shaun suggested that what if Graff on the wall Will be held in My Country, i immediately Dm The Official Facebook Of Our City Goverment if we can Organize an Event Like This in our city. And they Reply me That i should set a meeting With Sir edwin The Tourism Head department Of our City, because all Events that can help promote Our City will Be connected in The department. And After 2 days i set a meeting and Go Directly in The Office and we agree that once Our proposal Will approved and This is legit i will Write a printed Written proposal to be submitted in their office contaning about Our Dao Details, the event details,the schedule and The area. Then they Offer that if all the materials and paints we will provide they will Help us to onboard Grafitti artist by promoting in their page ,announcing about the event.

I was searching in Facebook the Last Event here in our City but seems i can’t find the Grafitti Arts in walls but this One sample i will attach is here in our city, but this was 4 yrs or 3 yrs ago before the Pandemic.

Ok, thanks for the info @Ligaya.
Do you have a link to their page?

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Redirecting... this is what i search in Facebook. As far as i know events and programs was posted Since before in That page and also Shared in the City Hall Page , but will Try my best Too promote it more :relaxed: here in facebook Groups.

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Thanks @Ligaya , appreciate it!

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Thank You also And Welcome @ted.iv :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Nice and wonderful graffiti you have there, the sky is just a stepping stone in your art work show case.

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Thanks Bro, we really Trying Our best to onboard and Showcase and support Grafitti Arts globally. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Here are some of the Documentations Of Graff On The Wall season 2 held in Philippines.