[PROPOSAL] Graff On the Wall Season 4

Graff on The wall Season 4 is here :fire:.

As we all Know that Since Graffiti Dao Was Reconstruct, also The Throw Your Tag is Upgraded also to a New Version.
Instead Of submitting Throw Your Tag Via Software art we came up this Initiative to make it Real and yeah Fam we are on the 4th Season Now.

Take a Look Into Graff On the wall From Season 1 to Season 3.

Graff on the wall Season 1
Graff on the Wall Season 2
Graff On The Wall Season 3

Materials Needed This Time:

Spray Paints- $5usd each x 20 cans assorted colors for everybody. $100
Acrylic Paint Bucket - $10 x 5 colors $50
White Paint- $10 x 3 buckets $30
Emulsion- $10 x 3 buckets $30
Brush Set -$5 x 15 artist $75

Transportation to site for the Whole duration of Event (Paints/Materials) $35
Plywood and 10 meter Canvass $35
Rugby $25
Vedio and Photography for the Artworks, Artist and Whole Event -$200
Foods and Waters and Snacks For Everyone $50
Reward for all the Artist Who participated for This Event.
The Reward will be divided to all Artist Who Participate.

Total: 760


Hey @Ligaya can you give more details on who will be running this edition and where it will be?


Hello @ted.iv , as council discussed it will be here in philippines again but with other place again. Maybe this will be held in Tupi South Cotabato, last time it was in Koronadal South Cotabato. And i will lead the Event again​:blush: we alternate the graff on the wall every month.

The routine is Nigeria- Philippines-Nigeria-Philippines.


We also Waiting For your Feedbacks about it @ted.iv , thanks :blush::heart: if we have something we need To revise and Reconstruct.:heart:

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