[PROPOSAL] - Onboard Project

Hello everyone. We modified this proposal to fit all the feedbacks until now. ( 17:48 brt nov 09 )

Here comes November, and as it seems to be a central part of the DAO, onboarding is complex. And it demands a simple and quick solution as we grow every week. We´re admitting almost 1 person a day with different timing, language and needs.

The problematic:

  • People onboard from everywhere at any time.
  • There’s a huge gap of knowledge for every person we onboard. Some can’t understand how to install telegram, many can’t speak english, some artists are pretty old or don’t even know about crypto or NFTs, some have financial limitations, many of them can’t be available when we are, some don’t know what near is, almost no one understand DAO, people came from different blockchains, there’s a huge difference btw everyone, and we want to onboard all of them and make them comfortable enough to stay.
  • So there’s a huge demand for time and people on the onboarding process.
  • All the materials available are scattered around the web with different information for different crowds and are not so easy to find either.
  • Mostly in English and not much in Portuguese.

All of these make onboarding a big headache. As the scale of it grows we end up with an even bigger headache.

The Solution:

Create a material to onboard newcomers with a click and enable them to have a 24h a day onboard system with no need for human resources that covers all the basics so anyone that uses this material would be able to handle this process on its own. It will be open source and available to the community for free.


  • This material should be available as an open source format so anyone can customize it with his or her personal touch.

  • It needs to cover all the basics. Everyone needs to understand about web3, blockchain, tokens, tokenconomy, near, create a near wallet, understand how the near ecosystem works, what’s a guild, a DAO, how the forum works, transparency, how to behave and give constructive feedbacks, what’s refinance, stake, what is NFT, what it is to be an NFT artist, a collector, the marketplaces, mint, list, the social medias, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Link Hubs, Marketing, Sales Strategy, Online Tools, Financial Advices, 50/50 DAOs split, and what partners each DAOs got.

  • It needs to be in a downloadable format with easy access at a click.

  • It will be English and Brazilian Portuguese.

  • It needs to stand for the same quality as the near official material requires.

  • It should be able to be splitted in different files, divided by categories.

  • It needs to be easy to communicate with a visual language focused on THE CLAN target crowd.

  • It should also be built at an online platform like Medium.


As we need to build this material as soon as possible and it will be a community work, we will create working system to select a major designer that will be responsible for the project and a bounty to look for supporters from the community to work together as a team. We aim to work with the Onboarding DAO, so they will participate as we develop the material, so it will be more accurated as a default onboarding customizable material.

Major Designer = 250usd

Community helpers = 200usd to be distribute related to the contribution

Heres our first mockup until now 3.

We have a new major designer join our DAO and council, with multiple degress, he will be responsible for this project as the team leader, to delivery the default material and solve the problem.

The Clan DAO Councils:








Good morning! what does it mean “PDF”? Pdf file , like ms word ?

Good morning, a pdf is a Portable Document Format ( PDF ), standardized as ISO 32000 , is a file format developed by Adobe in 1992 to present documents, including text formatting and images, in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems.[2][3] Based on the PostScript language, each PDF file encapsulates a complete description of a fixed-layout flat document, including the text, fonts, vector graphics, raster images and other information needed to display it. PDF has its roots in “The Camelot Project” initiated by Adobe co-founder John Warnock in 1991.[4]

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Ok, just clarifying, because you’re asking $900 and 3 professionals for this work.

Actually, we already have a lot of paperwork, videos about onboarding process. Probably, you wanna create something unique. Let’s see…


Its the first part of the dapp. Instead of waiting for the whole dapp to be done, we will create a PDF, then it will become interactive after, with motions ans videos, then it will become a dapp. The core of the development it will be the pdf file.

If you could add the links of some good material, im researching for them.
Im collecting all i can, to study where are the problems. Most of it is where they are. When we onboard someone, we have to search trought different places, they are very different from each other, or communicate to a select crowd. The idea is to concentrate all the process to a single dapp, that will be customizable (images, order of the pages and on/off each page), so each DAO can make the onboard dapp as it pleases.

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What do you mean here by "Dapp?”

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É óptimo ver que uma das vossas principais preocupações é incluir mais mais pessoas no ecossistema da Near :slight_smile:
Penso que as dúvidas que o @Dacha e a @chloe têm se devem ao facto de não ser claro exactamente o que estão a propor, e de que forma será alcançado.

  • É um pdf interactivo que explica aos novatos como funcionam os processos?
  • É uma Dapp que facilita a integração de pessoas novas no ecossistema?
  • O $ que estão a pedir, é apenas para o PDF, certo? Fazem ideia de quanto custaria a totalidade do processo?
  • Se o PDF é um passo intermédio, será que 1800$ é um valor exagerado, tendo em conta que a construção de uma app é, em princípio, a parte mais cara do processo?
  • Já existe, na vossa equipa, alguém que seja capaz de fazer essa app? Se não, conseguem garantir que o projecto chega a bom porto?

Para além destas dúvidas, que servem para vos ajudar a pensar/explicar melhor a ideia, tenho uma dúvida um pouco maior:

  • A vossa proposta é criar uma app que facilita o processo de onboarding para a Near, ou para uma DAO específica?
  • Se for para a Near, é um processo muito complexo, uma vez que há centenas de DAOs, guildas, processos, apps, etc, e talvez fosse boa ideia alinhar os pensamentos com a Core Team, que estão a trabalhar nesse tipo de materiais desde o início. Por exemplo, neste tópico, a Community Squad estava à procura de uma pessoa para integrar a equipa de onboarding (em príncipio, algum tipo de moderador, não estou por dentro do assunto), e não à procura de um grupo de pessoas que tomasse o problema em mãos. Por acaso eu acho óptimo quando a comunidade vê um problema e o tenta resolver sem estar à espera que outros o façam, mas ao mesmo tempo o problema tem de ser claramente definido, para não se trabalhar em vão.
  • Se for para fazer o onboarding para DAOs específicas, então parece-me que as DAOs são demasiado diferentes entre si, e cada uma tem os seus próprios processos (daí ser descentralizado). Isso não quer dizer que não há pontos em comum: há! Mas, para uma app, talvez não seja fácil.
  • Se vocês têm dificuldade em encontrar materiais claros o suficiente para fazer o onboarding, então a criação de um ‘guia’ é uma óptima ideia! A incubadora fez isso e tem vários materiais, a Cudo fez isso e tem vários materiais, a Muti fez isso e tem vários materiais, a Guilda Brasileira ( Telegram: Contact @near_pt ) tem muitíssimos documentos traduzidos no canal de discord e na págida do Medium. Vi que pediste, em vários canais de TG, materiais deste género, o que é um primeiro passo fantástico.
  • Para terminar: consegues explicar o porquê de uma Dapp ser o formato certo para o guia que pretendem construir?

Obrigado e Abraço


It’s great to see that one of your main concerns is to include more people in the Near ecosystem :slight_smile:
I think the doubts @Dacha and @chloe have are due to the fact that it is not clear exactly what you are proposing, and how it will be achieved.

  • Is it an interactive pdf that explains to newbies how the processes work?
  • Is it a Dapp that makes it easy for new people to integrate into the ecosystem?
  • The $ you are asking for is just for the PDF, right? Do you have any idea how much the whole process would cost?
  • If the PDF is an intermediate step, is $ 1800 an exaggerated amount, considering that building an app is in principle the most expensive part of the process?
  • Is there already someone on your team that is capable If not, can you guarantee that the project will be successful?

Besides these doubts, which will help you think/explain the idea better, I have a slightly bigger doubt:

  • Is your proposal to create an app that facilitates the onboarding process for Near, or for a specific DAO?
  • If it is for Near, it is a very complex process, since there are hundreds of DAOs, guilds, processes, apps, etc, and it might be a good idea to align thoughts with the Core Team, who are working on such materials from the beginning. For example, in this thread, the Community Squad was looking for a person to join the onboarding team (in principle, some kind of moderator, I’m not in the loop), not looking for a group of people to take the problem in hand. I happen to think it’s great when the community sees a problem and tries to solve it without waiting for others to do so, but at the same time the problem has to be clearly defined, so as not to work in vain.
  • If it is to do onboarding for specific DAOs, then it seems to me that the DAOs are too different from each other, and each has its own processes (hence it is decentralized). That’s not to say that there isn’t common ground: there is! But for an app, it might not be easy.
  • If you guys have trouble finding materials that are clear enough to do onboarding, then creating a ‘guide’ is a great idea! The Incubadora did this and has many materials, Cudo did this and has many materials, Muti did this and has many materials, the Brazilian Guild ( Telegram: Contact @near_pt ) has many translated documents on their discord channel and Medium page. I saw that you asked, in several TG channels, for materials like this, which is a fantastic first step.
  • To finish: can you explain why a Dapp is the right format for the guide they want to build?

Thanks and Cheers


The questions are:
How do you onboard someone new?
How do you give all the information to this new member, even someone thats knows nothing?
How to make this automatic, because it tooks a long time to explain everything?
How can we customize for whatever needs do.we have? Even a newborn dao, can have his own personal onboard system.

Thr pdf is just the first part. It will solve the system. Just the custom part that will be at other step, other funding.

É exatamente pra resolver esses problemas.
Um sistema automatizado pra que qualquer dao, seja qual for a necessidade ele cutomize o site. O site/dapp é outra parte, outro orcamento, mais complexo, com uma equipe, mas o racional ja vai estar pronto, a logica resolvida. O pdf é uma maneira a baixo custo 300usd x 3 profissionais pra criar todo o material visual, montagem, racional, texto em pt/en, linkagem
A pessoa vai criar uma carteira, entender todo o basico que precisa, sobre web3, blockchain, near protocol, redes sociais, nfts, royalties, como mintar, listar, telegram, tipbot, basico de tokenconomia, estrategia de divulgacao, lendo o pdf. Como uma pagina, mas em formato pdf. Depois passamos pra multimedia, com videos e depois integramos com programacao pra ja estsr vinculado ao blockchain.

Ja estou participando pra coletar essas informacoes.
Demanda mt tempo, pessoas, pra fazer onboarding. A ideia é minimizar exatamente esse problema, e maximizar a adesao. Iniciamente, a pessoa so precisa de um pdf… um manual, um guia, um passo a passo, agradavel, de facil entendimento…



obrigado pela resposta. Aguardamos o pedido deste mês :wink:


Obrigado pelos feedbacks, vou reformular a proposta com calma agora e mais organizado. Pra que seja mais facil a compreensao.

Thank you for the feedbacks, i will redo the proposal, more carefully and organized, to facilitate the communication.

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I think it is always nice to have materials ready for new community members onboarded. I do feel the value of 300 USD per PDF pretty high though. You might want to check the other DAOs, as mentioned by the other council members, as they have been onboarding for a while and you can find a lot of documentation already. There is also an onboarding DAO which you might want to get in touch with. That way funding can be used in a way so that your community actually profits from it directly.

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its a 40 pages ebook at a pdf format. one pdf…
the links at the report. i will link to it.
all of the materials are scarce, difficult to reach, focused at a specific crowd, or too complex, or doenst respond the questions. this is a complete step by step walktrought for onboarding. and it will be opened so anyone can custom as its own

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Thank you, looking forward to that link :slight_smile:

I am curious about which materials you have already checked and found not suitable (what are your questions?) , for minting you can find a lot from Mintbase/createbase for example, also MarmaJ has a good amount of materials for web3/onboarding etc. and you can find the guides in here in the forum as well.

The main onboarding itself imo would mainly consist of getting & using the near wallet, gov. forum & also the process of minting.

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Ok. The first problem, its time spend. To reach everything, to explain everyone, about everything, it takes 2 hours… a people. theres material here or there. But theres no link. What we found dont talk to our crowd, theres differences. And all scarce around everywhere. We are putting then together, with a simple language, for even a child could understand. For the onboard dao ive asked at the forum to participate somehow, but got no response. And we need to develop this material, because we are growing fast… and and others groups around us too… and it will be a open file… its all based on our personal experience with a research from the user.

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It will be portuguese and english also… so our community can understand.

The links at the core post now.

Oi @tabear ! A proposta foi atualizada após os feedbacks de @chloe e @frnvpr , você viu as edições? As vezes passou batido… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Gostaria além disso adicionar que não se trata apenas de um “serviço prestado” para se produzir um .pdf. As pessoas interessadas em contribuir com o projeto estão aprendendo a fazer .pdf, pesquisa, processos criativos diferenciados, entre outras várias coisas, enquanto se aprofundam e estudam sobre todo o NEAR, web3. Isso engrandece a comunidade e os indivíduos nela envolvidos.

Have you ever onboarded someone who knows nothing about and want to participate? Or dont speak english? How many people mutiDAO have onboarded? Can you please share the links that you aware of for onboarding? We find it difficult to reach. And our material is not about how to mint or list at mintbase. Is about What is mint, What is list, what are marketplaces and which ones have at near. How theynwork, etc. How to be an NFT artist, How to be a NFT collector and what is that, how to sell your art from the beginning… Its a very complete guide… for 22usd a page, with at least 3 professionals artists with a background form design, publicity and marketing area… how to achieve 2000 twitter followers in 2 months without spend a cent… and the list goes on.

A Muti está neste espaço há algum tempo e apoiou muitos artistas, fez o onboarding de muitos artistas, colaborou com muitas DAOs. Não me parece que transformar o diálogo que temos nestes tópicos numa espécie de interrogatório e contra-interrogatório seja vantajoso. Isto é um diálogo amigável. Se um dos membros do council da Creatives DAO faz perguntas, é para que certas dúvidas sejam esclarecidas, para que possamos tomar decisões da melhor forma possível. Pedir mais informações é o papel da @tabear.

extra: um exemplo, da Guilda Near Português (composta sobretudo por brasileiros) que há muitos meses traduz materiais oficiais Near para a língua portuguesa: https://near-portuguese.medium.com/

Muti has been in this space for a while and has supported many artists, onboarded many artists, collaborated with many DAOs. I don’t think that turning the dialogue we have in these threads into a kind of interrogation and cross-examination is helpful. This is a friendly conversation. If one of the Creatives DAO council members asks questions, it is so that certain doubts can be clarified, so that we can make decisions in the best possible way. Asking for more information is @tabear’s role.

extra: an example, from the Near Portuguese Guild (composed mostly of Brazilians) that has been translating official Near materials into Portuguese for many months: https://near-portuguese.medium.com/


Mas perguntei pra saber se ja passou pela experiencia, foi uma pergunta tecnica. Porque recebemos em dois dias uma vez varias pessoas de uma vez e virou um problema serio. Dae pra pontuar que esse material é pra resolver esse tipo de questao. Me desculpe se pareceu grosseiro, mas nao foi minha intencao. Perdao.

Tudo bem :slight_smile:

Todas as DAOs já passaram por essa experiência. A maior parte opta, no geral, por fazer onboarding de várias pessoas ao mesmo tempo. O arroz criativos, que é uma DAO + um espaço cultural em Lisboa, tem sessões de onboarding todas as quartas-feiras.

Quando o onboarding é feito online, tanto a Muti como a Incubadora, como muitas outras, fazem sessões com muita gente, em vez de fazer uma a uma.

Há imensos videos de youtube com materiais deste género, muitas das DAOs fazem workshops, materiais como os que a guilda português traduziram já estão disponíveis há bastante tempo, para além dos materiais oficiais da Near, em EN.

Não tenho uma resposta clara para te dar, uma vez que as DAOs são muito diferentes entre si, e portanto cada DAO tem de encontrar a melhor maneira de interagir com a sua comunidade, mas, nas DAOs em que estou integrado, criar materiais de leitura curta (tipo 1 página) foi a maneira que encontrámos para explicar os passos necessários para coisas como carteira, mintbase, etc, e sempre funcionou bastante bem.


All DAOs have experienced this. Most of them choose, in general, to onboard several people at the same time. Creative Rice, which is a DAO + a cultural space in Lisbon, has onboarding sessions every Wednesday.

When onboarding is done online, both Muti and Incubator, like many others, do sessions with lots of people, instead of doing them one by one.

There are lots of youtube videos with materials like this, many of the DAOs do workshops, materials like the ones the Portuguese guild translated have been available for quite some time, in addition to Near’s official EN materials.

I don’t have a clear answer to give you, since DAOs are very different from each other, and therefore each DAO has to find the best way to interact with its community, but, in the DAOs I’m in, creating short reading materials (like 1 page) was the way we found to explain the necessary steps for things like wallet, mintbase, etc, and it always worked pretty well.