[Proposal]New Council Member Required for Arroz Criativo

Dear Community Members,

As outlined in this post our favourite @vandal is leaving our council to focus on other matters so we are looking for a new council member.

Duties are across the board on a can do basis but mostly centered on support to the community. If you are experienced within the ecosystem we would very much welcome you as an advisory member like our outgoing member. However this is not a requirement.

Arroz Criativo is an art collective based in Beato-Lisbon. It is formed of an in-door and out-door venue, a co-working space, art & music studios, a merchandising outlet and exhibition spaces. With a community of over 8000 members it is aiming to engage the local with the global to nurture emerging talents to contribute to Lisbon’s rapid development. Its mission is to do this in an open, culturally and financially sensitive manner to avoid fuelling inequalities resulting from globalisation.

A detailed Guild description can be seen here.

So if you are based in Lisbon you’ll also be able to work with us in person however this is not a requirement either.

Please comment below or approach us in out TG channel here

Thank you!


Yes, we’re looking forward to hearing from anyone with questions about Arroz and our activities in crypto/ online spaces and not least off line.

If you have been/are involved in #city-nodes:lisboa maybe this is something for you!


John, that is who i am, Born in the early 90s to an art lecturer father and a merchant mother. My Dad was a natural with art, drawing and sculpture. His talent afforded him the grace of non mandatory western education to climb to tha cadre of Senior Art Lecturer at the Yaba College of Technology, the mainstay polytechnic of Art in the whole of Nigeria.

I grew up in art home with sculpting, paintings, wood carvings and armatures lying as decorations around the house. This environment of art supplication afforded me a deeper and abstract perspective in perception, whence, i inherited the literary form of art from this contraption, in contrast to the visual art as practiced by my father.

I have been active within the NEAR ecosystem and i have contributed my own quota through writing educational papers for guilds, articles for Mintbase and OWS, educational videos for Mintbase and NEAR collaboration and defining NFTS, creating and maintaining Discord Servers for guilds, serving as council member for DAOs, hoping on bounties to earn NEAR tokens and recently featuring on a cosmopolitan oriented musical project titled " The NEAR Mixtape".

I am very much active and responsible within the NEAR Ecosystem as i deem it my home after how much fulfillment of self that i have gotten by being assured of the need of my value and personal earnings gotten from all the service offered.

Its an exciting moment in the history of mankind as regards decentralization, NFts, blockchains and crypto buzz. Identifying with the NEAR protocol i can only but request to be active in more engagements so as to pump up the adrenaline of my fulfillment.

I would really love to be a council member on Arroz Criativo. Its so cosmically beautiful the initiative that supports artistes from low income backgrounds, this antecedent is very spiritual to me as i am an individual committed to serving humanity. I assure the council that it is not an unbearable responsibility for me to be part of the DAO since i have carried out my tasks within the ecosystem promptly without any blemish. I am a disciple of vandal and i really admire his web 3 story and his onboarding with the NEAR Ecosystem through Mintbase and so many great things coming out of that. I personally consult him for knowledge and guidance within the Ecosystem and he has provided me with so much valuable information that has brought me thus far. I am already a little familiar with some of you and i want to assure you that even though i am not present on the ground with you in Lisbon, i would always be with you in spirit, and speaking of which, my service within the NEAR Ecosystem has afforded me some financial leverage to come visit Lisbon soon enough.

I am a born creative, innovative and strategic thinker, i can bring my own little creative contribution of diverse initiatives that can bloom the essence of what Arrioz Creativo stands by.

I appeal to y’all to give me this chance as its looking really evident as my next phase of self manifestation and dutiful pacification.

Infinite Love Always


John X


Hey team, just to pitch in - would be great to open up a dialogue with Lourenço @lvgs759 on this as he is leading our internal accounting and communications with our FIAT accountant…

With all the legal changes planned for DAOs it will be important for him to be involved with the processing of payments through the DAO so he can understand where we need to run them through our FIAT accounting. Also as me move more into the ecosystem we’ll need synergy between our FIAT and NEAR accounts so we can further merge, onboard and convert people more and more onto NEAR accounting.

I’ve already onboarded him onto one DAO so he’s aware :+1:t4:


Thank you John X for this beautiful post and your interest in this! You’re now on our list of candidates.

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He is also a great candidate indeed!

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Boa tarde a todos / Hello everyone,

my name is Christopher. I’m a videographer (camcat.pt), turntablist (DJ Road Works) and designer (souvenirsthatdontsuck.pt) that has been with the Arroz-family basically from minute one (back in Cacilhas). As a matter of fact I moved into the very first studio when Arroz Estudios was born and I happened to become one of the founders. I proudly watched the project grow and develop to its nowadays renowned reputation and success, that undoubtedly is the sum of all of its wonderful talented artists and helpers.

As I have learned about the open “vacancy” of the Arroz council member, I wish to hereby submit my application as a candidate for the afore mentioned position. I would appreciate the opportunity to get involved more into the daily work with artists, both remotely but also (more importantly for me) on a regular face-to-face basis.

During the last weeks I got the chance to get to know a handfull of Arroz’s talents a lot closer (mainly during the video shots) and would love to deepen all kind of collaborations. Being an inter-disciplinary artist myself I can not only strongly relate to their work, but would also love to contribute with film-making and DJ-ing to the overall spirit and vibe of the funky crowd.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

All the best and regards,



Thanks for coming forward Chris! We’re going to make a decision about this very soon.