[Proposal] Arroz Criativo February Budget

Expense history
Current balance

Council @Mette , @squattingPigeon
2 Council members are now needed as i will be leaving.
Call out for 1 of them can be seen here.


  • Our merchandising store supporting creatives has some work planned for this month. Their proposal can be seen here. They are requesting 99N or 1040$ approximately @ N=10.5

  • Pizza & Beer support for planned 4 crypto meetups

  • Council work for @Mette already funded at 200$ (@ N= 13.2 )15N here.

  • Council work for @squattingPigeon 200$ (@ N = 10.5) =19N

Total requested: 0$ as the treasury can support these needs.

Thank you for your continued support.

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Hey there!

Thank you for the new proposal.
Very happy to see that the store is blossoming & that the Pizza team seems fully integrated too :slight_smile:
Please keep in mind that the council/community work can’t exceed the 30% of the monthly budget; (in your case 762 USD).

Looking fwd to the updated proposal & the new council member!:slight_smile:

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Hi thank you for the feedback @tabear. I realise merging the reports seem to send the wrong signal somehow. I’ve decided to request the basic rate for the work i’ve done this month as i am stepping down of my duties here. I believe my work here is done. I believe it is time for me to work on my own projects and contribute to others. It has been a great challenge supporting a community that wasn’t necessarily technically minded but i really enjoyed it and truly believe that it has taught me a lot. I hope i was able persuade some sceptics along the way of the great potential of the tools built by this ecosystem and the wider industry. My journey here started with an article i wrote for the studios here and unfolded with a number of incredible projects i feel privileged to have been a part so i truly look forward to what it is going to bring next. I will see the ongoing funded projects (Promo/Docu Videos & EP) to completion and provide the relevant reports. I hope the results are appreciated as they are also challenges i set myself in many ways. My name should remain on the council until the end of this month until new council members are recruited. Last but not least the treasury is able to cover the expenses this month so we’re not requesting anything. It makes sense in terms of process considering changes and delays this month. It is also appropriate that the new incoming council members handle new incoming funds rather than myself who is on the way out. Sorry for the long post and i hope it covers everything. I did try to be concise :sweat_smile:


Thank you for this summary & your work for the Arroz Criativo Guild.

Looking fwd seeing the new council members and projects in May then :wink: