[proposal] New blockchain game Total Poker

Total Games is a game development studio, consists of highly experienced game developers and artists. More than 45 games have been already delivered to 210 million players around the world.

New blockchain game Total Poker —game, built on Unreal Engine 5.

Poker is one of the oldest intellectual card games. It has got a status of an official sport in several countries. Poker is also a prominent representative of the gambling industry, which [by 2023 will exceed the estimated market size of $ 500 billion]

Total Poker is the first game that addresses challenges of online poker, crypto-games and social casino. Competitive advantages of Total Poker:

  • Fair game
  • Safe funds
  • Bright gameplay with one-hand control
  • Earning opportunities
  • One-hand control with incredible gameplay
  • Encryption of the deck and of card distribution

Total Poker mobile app is published in the AppStore (‎App Store: Total Poker - Texas Holdem) and GooglePlay (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.totalgames.totalpoker).

The blockchain technology allows poker to become a game that meets the requirements of fairness and transparency, and we think that NEAR is a perfect fit for our games since the transaction finality time is few seconds and with a simple ready to use library.

Main in-game currency will be the NEAR token.


  • Integration with NEAR testnet and mainnet— March 2022
  • Development of an application server with poker and blockchain logic — May 2022
  • Development of Unreal Engine client for new game server — July 2022

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I will try out this one, even though I’m not really into cryptos

Ok, nice info, thank you!