[Approved] Poker Space Marketing Funding

Poker Space (http://pokerspace.io/) - Innovative Free-to-Play poker room built on NEAR Protocol with unique NFT collection.

We are a gaming platform based on Play-to-Earn, Social-to-Earn and Work-to-Earn model, with a traditional WEB 2.0 gaming mobile app with a WEB 3.0 overlay. In our platform anyone can play poker and, even more importantly, try themselves as the founder of a community: unite your friends and acquaintances around a common hobby, set new trends, and unlimited use of classic and caste games.

Our mission is to transform the poker industry. We shall make every effort to encourage people to view poker as a sport and not as a form of gambling. To introduce a sizable number of individuals to Blockchain technology in general and the NEAR ecosystem in particular, by using poker, one of the most well-known games in the world.

Poker Space universe will combine multiple games:

  • Short deck
  • Omaha 4-1
  • Omaha 5/1
  • China’s Poker
  • Online/offline tournaments

What we have accomplished in the past three months and what we to accomplish by the middle of October:

  1. Twitter now ~ 9100 subs

Today we have more than 9 thousand subscribers, and the growth of this metric is associated with the emergence of interest in our project from both players and investors.

At the same time, we keep Twitter’s high ER metrics; for example, here are Twitter’s ER metrics for the one of top post:

Goal: 16,000 subscribers

We were able to reach these stats on our own, but we want to raise the standard and broaden the audience for this source in the future. However, we’ll cover that in more detail later.

  1. Telegram now ~ 5000 subs

We have successfully concluded that Telegram is unquestionably a platform where you can grow an engaged audience, with very good figures present in the CIS and Asian market, based on the analytics and the CTA metric in the social network. We may perform this analysis based on the statistics given by tgstat.com.
We have a detailed strategy for capturing a sizable portion of the market.

Goal: 10,000 subscribers

Examples of the channels we plan to work with. We continuously track the analytics, so when making advertising purchases, we will also take information from ad exchanges into consideration (such as Telega.io)

Telegram: Contact @rozn_andre - 180$
Telegram: Contact @Proffit_crypto - 330$

Total: 510 USDT

We look the huge potential attracting an audience through the Telegram referral bot, which will hold competitions and award prizes in NEAR tokens, as well as the user’s ability to directly create an NEAR wallet in the bot, we will make the system convenient that it was not difficult for the user, in addition we will provide instructions for creating a wallet. We also plan to introduce a system of motivation that will allow us to receive WL like rewards for every tenth referral. We will undoubtedly include the task of joining the Discord server in the bot, for which we will offer a commendable compensation.
This funnel will effectively attract new users while keeping current ones around.

Well, the salary per hour for a full stack developer is $35. This work need at least a 42 hours x $35 ~ $1,500

Total: $1,500 + $510= 2,010 USDT

  1. Discord now ~ 2000 members

Discord currently has more than 2 thousand subscribers.
As you can see in the graphs above, we maintain communication with our subscribers at a high level, by implementing many programs on our server: quiz contests, memes contests, emoji-stickers contests, regular events, and various engaging mechanics.

We regularly conduct events, work with the community, play poker and blackjack. This helps us to keep the attention of users at a decent level.
We are counting on it to help us DOUBLE the retention rate, which is currently 37,5%.

Goal: 5,000 members

Now we launch the collaboration system and give the chance for community join to our team from: collaboration managers, moderators, chatters and raiders.
This ecosystem will help us with the percentage of retention and the percentage of new users will increase.
Increase Engagement Rate by getting more moderators on the server. At this stage, we have 2 moderators.

Discord community is 2k+ ppl, 3 moderators are required.
Moderation fee = $400 x 3 = $1200
To achieve higher levels of user engagement, we want to consistently give out prizes to the winners, namely Steam Gift Cards.
Based on the action plan, we need 20 gift cards per month = $200

On our server, we have a pre-built collaboration program (collabs system), which will allow us to conduct affiliate drawings for getting into WL and getting cash rewards in NEAR token, while increasing brand awareness and the NEAR ecosystem. We use the following template:

Because we already have a well-defined strategy, we are certain that this system will be profitable. We need $1,000 to cover the pay of the managers who will be handling this promotional activity and we are to employ this technique.
We’ll soon have more than 100 collab managers, and each one makes around $10 for a month’s worth of effort generating advertisements over 10 servers.

We plan to release the MVP version within two weeks, in which you will be able to test the lobby mechanics, create a personal profile, and play the game for test chips and also to test FEED.
It is for this purpose, we want to involvement the existing audience and engage a new one as much as possible.

TOTAL ASK: 2010 + 1200 + 200 + 1000 = 4,410 USD
NEAR Wallet: siniugin.near - Vasilii Siniugin, CEO
Funding Scheme: One-time

Value of NEAR Protocol

By fusing two important markets — the well-known game of poker and Blockchain technology, exactly the NEAR Protocol. We will be able to draw a lot of attention because of the broad appeal and value we provide to our members, we will also draw new users to the ecosystem.

For example, we recently ran an Airdrop campaign with cash prizes and WL, as it turned out not many people owned NEAR wallets, but in order to get a reward, they are required to create.

Also we intend to host massive events in the form of online/offline tournaments all over the world. These events will serve as a huge plus to increase the reach and number of new users of the blockchain.
The number of new ecosystem users is only getting started, and it will continue to rise over time.


You have good subscriber figures and no ads. When is the test version expected and when will the full implementation of poker be? 9,000 followers are waiting for the game to start on Twitter, and you are thinking about advertising. Perhaps you should release a test version, see if there are any errors, check user engagement. After the test version, you will be able to show a more detailed report and request a grant for advertising. Why do you need to increase the number of moderators now if the game is not running yet?
Thx :blush:

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Good day, everyone.
At the moment indicators are bad; it is difficult to sell the NFT collection with these numbers in a bear market. MVP and quality testers are already on hand.

The threshold is significantly higher than we initially announced, therefore we need more participation by the end of the year.
I believe you ought to learn more about the project and us.

Additionally, we interact with the funds, or them our social networks is not an indicator for there.
By the end of the year, we should have at least x5, at which point we may declare that everything is wonderful.

I know your project and I’m waiting for the community to get together at the poker table and relax. You didn’t answer the question about the test version and the implementation. What is the cost of your NFT at the moment? How many NFTs have been sold and how many are left?
Thx :blush:

Apparently you don’t follow it well :))

NFT sold 0 units, we did not begin sales; instead, we wanted to initially engage the community and help it grow and be entertained so that it would be active. After presenting the MVP in ten days, we will start marketing. Keep in touch eye on our social networks!

I never saw the answer by dates. I hope that your MVP that are at hand will be implemented soon and there will be further promotion. In one message you say that the NFT cannot be sold, now you say that the NFT has not even started selling. Let’s see your further actions with the project. I’m waiting for a poker game on Near. Thank you for your time. Good day.
Thx :blush:

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Participated in your test game. I enjoyed it. It’s a pity it didn’t work out to win the NFT. I hope next time I can be a winner. I hope that your proposal will be approved as soon as possible. If I’m not mistaken, there were about 250 people, this is a good indicator, I hope with the approval of marketing funding, this indicator will be increased several times.
Thx :relaxed:

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Of course, we want to hold regular events with rewards for the community. We’re glad you enjoyed it, stay tuned! :hugs:

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Thanks for your proposal,

When is the game going to be ready on Mainnet?

I am concerned that the team is focusing on the wrong metrics. Games should be simple - people just want to have fun (as opposed to spend meaningful amounts of times on the project’s channels to having to buy an NFT)

I believe it is too early to spend large amounts of money on marketing. I’d wait to see what the conversion from existing community is, and what organic growth looks like, so you can later create a better informed marketing strategy to identify the next pockets for growth.

At this stage, I don’t support this proposal


We are neither a typical NFT collection or a P2E project without an essence, as you will discover if you look into the details of our product. Our NFTs offer significant advantages and are a subscription for full usage of our application. We are developing an international product that will function for a long time. At this point, we are in the development stage and aim to release an MVP soon. However, we also need to host various events and amuse our community. As a result, marketing should continually receive some activity.

Hey @Pokerman thanks for the proposal. I can see the need for marketing support at this stage of the project. What I am struggling with is the funding amount requested for a first-time request, early stage (it’s not yet fully deployed yet, right?) project – and this is set up as a monthly need if I am reading it right.

I’d recommend streamlining it and reducing the ask some – maybe remove the bot development request or focus on growth on a single platform – so we can see traction/audience engagement and results over a month. I think that would help understand the ROI on funding allocated to the project’s marketing activities.

I think we are in a phase at the moment in the ecosystem right now where we need to be very exacting about how funds are allocated and ensure that projects receiving funding are able to demonstrate traction and growth before approving proposals for larger amounts.


Hi @Pokerman thanks for your proposal. It is great to see the level of interest in your project even when it has not even reached mainet!

However, I am concerned that you are asking for significant funding for marketing at this stage of your projects development. I would echo the comments of @so608 and suggest you review and reduce the amount being requested. Thanks

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Hello @so608 !

Your suggestions helped us improve our proposal’s efficiency and financial feasibility, and we arrived at the following decision:

  • Twitter was marked out because we don’t believe it is currently playing a significant role in community growth.

  • We are still concentrating on the Telegram bot (autofunnel with referral invitations), this source will motivate community to work for the project and earn from this in the form of cash prizes, raffles on the WL, TestNet. Additionally, we will be able to partially reroute the audience from this source to our other social network (Twitter).

  • Discord. We already have a collaboration program in place for managers and riders, and it has been successful. We will soon link additional chatters and moderators through our program. Due to the large number of people who wish to collaborate, we now only have 2 moderators, and they are not quite adequate to the responsibility of recording the work completed by the collab manager. Anyhow, we need to add one more moderator.
    Additionally, we intend to have raffles and encourage the neighborhood with attractive Steam Gift Cards as the prizes.

The edited pricing, in our opinion, is currently pretty fair. You understand that we need to have tournaments there and bring new players from the poker world to the NEAR ecosystem, and we will do that. We are about to release the MVP version of our platform.
I advise that we examine more closely at our proposal.

Hello @cryptocredit !

We’ve made some minor adjustments, making a more budget-friendly but still effective offer.

Thanks for the response to feedback and revisions @Pokerman – I can support this for a month to see how it goes.

If this is approved (you still need the support of two more council members, I encourage you to do whatever you can to report back with specific KPIs around new users onboarded, activity created or sustained through wallets, new developers or projects onboarded into the ecosystem from your activities, etc. We are in a climate where it is becoming crucial not only to show growth in follower counts on social media and metrics around content, but also to demonstrate how that activity is directly connected to active growth in the ecosystem. Let us know if you have any questions about that as you move forward.


I have noted the replies to questions and comments from fellow council and am willing to support.

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Thanks for reviewing budget.

I am willing to support. Although I do note that some of my original questions have not been answered and I would be expect the game to be live and to see some positive results from this current campaign to consider any subsequent funding.

Moving proposal to approved. You can now proceed with proposal on AstroDAO

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Thank you very much!
We will do our best to meet your expectations.

We got it on AstraDAO


We got status APPROVED on AstroDAO, what is the next step?

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